Queensland University Regiment Regiment Association Inc
4 July 2017
The Queeensland University Regiment
Association wishes to congratulate
Brigadier Sam Harrison on his
appointment as the first Patron of the
Sam Harrison joined the newly formed unit of QUR in 1948 as one
of its first recruits. He progressed through the usual infantry
appointments to become its Commanding Officer from 1965 to 1968.
He has the distinction of being QUR’s first recruit to become its CO.
Following his command of the Regiment, he became the
Commander of the 1
Training Group in 1977 as a Colonel and then in
1980 was promoted to Brigadier to command the 1
Field Force Group
( then 7
Brigade) at Kelvin Grove. He transferred to the Inactive List of
Officers in 1984.
During his service, he was honoured with the award of an MBE
(Member of the Order of the British Empire) in recognition of his
services to QUR and the Army Reserve and was also awarded the
Reserve Force Decoration and Efficiency Decoration. He also had the
distinction of being appointed as an Honorary Aide de Camp to Her
Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Sam was later appointed Honorary Colonel of the Regiment from
1992 until 1998.
In 1983 he was instrumental in the formation of the Queensland
University Regiment Association and was elected as its foundation
President, continuing in that role until 1988. He was made a Life
Member of the QUR Association in 1990.
The Association’s executive recently took the decision to appoint
Sam as our Patron in recognition of his long and exemplary contribution
to both the Regiment and the Association. This appointment
acknowledges his unique record and service.
QURA was recently invited to
organise an exhibit of the “History of QUR”
at a recent QUR Open Day. The
Association displayed a range of
photographs and equipment from the early
days of QUR to the present time. Some
charts showed significant dates in the
history of QUR. The Association used
some of the newly acquired QURA flags
and banners.
The Annual General Meeting and
Dinner for QURA will be held on
Wednesday 13 September 2017 at the
United Service Club. With the aim of
keeping the costs of the dinner to a
reasonable level the Executive decided to
offer a two course meal with alternative
drop and dinner wines/ port . Pre dinner
drinks will be served at members expense.
See your invitation on a later page in this
At the end of this year there will be a
change of the Commanding Oficer for the
Regiment. The new CO will be the 25th
CO posted to the Regiment. This
milestone will be celebrated at the AGM/
The Executive of QURA has
commenced the updating of the written
and collected works on the “History of
QUR”. You will have noted us asking you
for contributions to the QUR history in
previous newsletters. As this year marks
the year when the 25th CO is posted to the
Unit the theme for the AGM function will be
the “History of QUR”.
Major General John Pearn kas
kindly agreed to speak at the AGM on the
importance of the gathering and recording
of the history of QUR.
This focus on history on the night is
a perfect time for you to contact those
soldiers with whom served during your
time in QUR, and ask them to celebrate
your time at the AGM.
Last Farewell
It is with great sadness that we record the passing of
Colonel Allan Press.
Allan served in QUR in the late 1970’s as a Company Commander
and went on to command the 9th Battalion, The Royal Queensland
He was a caring and well respected officer with a unique ability of
knowing all his soldiers by name. Allan will be especially
remembered for his in-camp concerts ,which he organised so well.
at QUR Open Day 17 June 2017
Request for Dates
Help us with History
We want to confirm the date of some events in the
history of QUR. If you know the year when the
event listed below happened please reply to Trevor
Luttrell with the information. If you can help with the
full date or any additional information that would be
appreciated. Please email your information to
trevor.luttrell@gmail.com or phone 0437 442 964.
Disbandment of the following:
QUR Band
Mortar Platoon
Assault Pioneer Platoon
Signals Platoon
SFMG Platoon
MMG Platoon
A/ Armoured Platoon
and or the A/ Tank Platoon
Transport Platoon QM Platoon
Medical Platoon (RAP)
* In 1948 Army Headquarters gave approval for A Company QUR to
be raised. It was to be placed under the command of 9th Battalion,
7th Brigade until it was large enough to be given full Regiment
* In 1957 the newly erected Depot at Walcott Street was opened by
the Administrator of Queensland, The Honourable Chief Justice Alan
Mansfield KCMG KCVO (later to become the Governor of
Queensland). A ceremonial parade was held in the Great Court of
the University of Queensland.
* In 1959 the Queen’s and Regimental Colours were presented to
QUR by the Governor of Queensland, Sir Henry Abel Smith KCMG
* In 1976 the first females were permitted to join QUR as part of the
wider employment of women in the Army.
* In 1981 the QUR band was formed with 14 members.
* In 1986 the Freedom of the City of Brisbane was granted to QUR
by Lord Mayor Sallyanne Atkinson.
* In 1997 the last graduation parade of Officer Cadets by QUR was
held. From then all became graduates of the Royal Military College,
Back in the 1960s, QUR (along with rest of CMF and Army) would wear a
woolen khaki brown uniform called Battle Dress in winter time.
Along with badges of rank etc the uniform had to be adorned with a
shoulder flash designated the unit the wearer belonged to.
QUR (being designated an infantry corps unit) wore red coloured shoulder
flashes with Queensland University Regiment emblazoned in white cotton
When originally issued from the Q Store, these shoulder flashes had a
stitched cotton white boundary or margin.
But some smart person way up the hierarchy decided that the white
boundary was to be removed.! And so the routine orders (RO) went out.!
Now this hit the fan when QUR was on annual camp at Wacol. ! In order to
encourage soldiers to comply with the directive sooner than later, some
equally smart person in the Regiment issued the order that a leave night
was coming up but all soldiers wishing to go on leave must wear battle
dress and further any soldier who had not removed the white borders would
be denied leave.! This was to be effected by way of leave passes had to be
obtained from the Orderly Room and the Orderly Officer, who would only
issue same if he inspected and saw the soldier was wearing a uniform with
shoulder flashes suitably altered as per the RO.
Now in my case (not being adept with needle and thread etc) had not
removed the white borders on my shoulder flashes, and further the Orderly
officer known to us by the nick name of Tex (that is a completely different
story how he came by that nickname) was on my case as he knew I had not
yet fixed my shoulder flashes.
However I had a plan which involved going to the orderly room in company
of another Staff Sergeant who had already fixed his shoulder flashes.! So
he went in first, got his leave pass, then came out.! He and I then
exchanged battle dress blouses (as they were called) and then I went in
and asked the Orderly Sergeant for my leave pass.! Immediately the
Orderly Officer pounced only to see that I was regimentally correctly
dressed so begrudgingly issued the pass.
Anyhow after a few drinks in town, back in our own uniforms, I found a good
friend of the opposite gender who suitably fixed and re-sewed on my
shoulder flashes - and I was now compliant. !(
But it was good feeling to have put one over that Orderly Officer.
A Little Help
The following information will provide some
explanation for some of the detail in figure 2 of the
QUR new structure in the CO’s letter on page 5.
A.!!!!!!!!!!! RIC = Recruit Induction Company – QUR will be
responsible for the administration of Recruits from
enlistment until completion of Initial Employment Training.!
Most of the training will be done in QUR but specific to
corps will continue to be conducted at each of the
Schools (less RAINF which is all done at QUR).
B.!!!!!!!!!!! The courses for promotion to Captain and Major
are for “all corps” courses with the special to corps courses
still run at Corps schools.
C.!!!!!!!!!!! The Combat Arms Module is a weapons course
for RAA, RAAC, RAE and RAINF that is conducted over two
weeks.! Focus is on communications, shooting, grenade,
claymore, and anti-armour weapons
D.!!!!!!!!!!! For the Officer Cadets we manage them to
ensure they attend the five training blocks (TB) required to
be commissioned.! Some training is done in QUR through
instruction and assessment, with field weekends focussed
on confirmation of skills.! The time allowed for an OCDT to
graduate is three (3) years but on average it takes four (4)
years) in South Queensland and five (5) years in North
Queensland (different work dynamics due to the age of
the OCDT).
E.!!!!!!!!!!! The Unit Establishment has improved our number
of instructors on the books’ however, given personnel
civilian workloads we will still require support for some
instruction and most of the support staff functions.! It is not
perfect but it’s an improvement.
F.!!!!!!!!!!! DTR is the Directed Training Requirement which is
the number of personnel we have been tasked to push
through the respective courses each year.! The % is our
achievement of that target.
The President of the Queensland University Regiment
requests the pleasure of your company at the
QURA Annual General Meeting and
to be held at the United Service Club
Wickham Terrace, Brisbane,
Cost: $75
Including : 2 course meal with wine and port,
Meet for pre dinner drinks at members expense in the main bar
Dress: Civilian - Business Attire (Coat/Tie)
RSVP: NLT 8 September 2017
I understand that from 8 September 2017, should I later find that
I cannot attend, I will be liable to pay for the function.
Please email RSVP to Trevor Luttrell (trevor.luttrell@gmail.com)
Payment: Payment can be made with internet banking direct to the QURA Bank Account.
BSB 064 129, Account 0090 4500, Name QUR Association Inc.
Please ensure your name is supplied with your payment details.
Payment will be accepted on the night.
If you know any ex members of QUR who are not members of the
Association please invite them to join us on the evening.
Should you wish to nominate for any of the positions on the Executive Management Committee
please nominate by emailing the President QURA at (trevor.luttrell@ gmail.com).
If you are prepared to serve on the committee we will arrange for a proposer and seconder to
sign your nomination.
Send your name and the position/ positions you would like to nominate for:
Positions available:
Vice President
Secretary/ Treasurer
Executive Committee Members (6) or more
Membership Secretary
Queensland University Regiment Association
To the Association,
I would like to thank you for your continued support of the Regiment and, in
particular, your support to our recent Open Day on 17 June 2017. I know that the
members of the Regiment appreciate your attendance and interest in our activities.
Last year I highlighted that we are going through a Unit Establishment Review
process. I am now able to inform you that the Chief of Army has signed off the
organisational structure that will be implemented from 1 January 2018. There are
some repechages on additional personnel in some areas to support our training
liability that are under consideration, but these will not change the organisational
structure. I have included both the old and new structures below to show the
changes in our structure. There will be no change in our mission which is to deliver
training in order to generate combat capability.
The key change for us will be the responsibility for management of all recruits within
Queensland which will result in two dedicated companies in North and South
Queensland. We do lose the Administration Company Headquarters but retain the
Q-store and administrative support personnel. Our drivers will become driving
Australian Army
Queensland University Regiment
24 Walcott St, St Lucia, QLD, 4067
instructors which is a real opportunity for upskilling our personnel.
With our restructure also comes a change in command status. From 6 October
2017 QUR will be under command Headquarters 8
Brigade (Training) – HQ 8 BDE
(TRG). This will see all of the University Regiments come under the one command
structure (again). The benefit of this will be one formation purely focussed on
training of the Reserve Soldier and Officer. This will bring some challenges but also
opportunities for improvement in resourcing, training delivery and professional
Our Officer Cadet numbers
remain solid, although we are
not graduating as many
numbers as previous years. At
this time we will have three
graduates for 2017. This is an
area that I will focus on with my
staff for the remaining six
months of this year. Based on
the training pipeline we should
see solid numbers graduating
next year for South Queensland but we are struggling in North Queensland.
Our ability to meet the directed training requirement (DTR) continues to improve
with significant increases in the last three years. This is a combination of changes in
instructional approach within QUR, increased recruiting numbers, and command
efforts across the 2
Division to ensure personnel attend promotion and/or trade
courses. Attached below is a summary showing our achievements to date (the first half
are soldier courses related to combat arms or driver courses, with the ACCC/ACMC
relating to promotion courses to Captain and Major).
Finally my replacement as the Commanding Officer/Chief Instructor has been
appointed by the Chief of the Army. Lieutenant Colonel Scott Denner is no stranger to
QUR having been an instructor several postings ago. I know Scott is very excited to
assume command and will do so from effect 28 November 2017 at our end of year
I thank you for your continued support.
Yours Sincerely,
RJ Peace
Lieutenant Colonel
Commanding Officer/Chief Instructor
07 3721 4333
We have been advised that the new Commanding Officer for QUR is Major Scott Denner -
Artillery) (on promotion to Lieutenant Colonel). The hand over will take place in November
He commenced his career as an Army Officer followed by a period in the private sector where
he gained international experience in logistics, functional management, business continuity
management, risk management and business process improvement.
After returning to Australia he was self-employed as a management consultant for three years,
providing professional services to organisations including Tarong Energy, QSuper, Flight
Centre and EDS. Following deployment to Iraq as a reserve Army Officer in 2008 he
commenced with the SEQ Water Grid Manager as the acting Operations Director and then
Director of Risk and Technology, both ‘C-suite’ positions. In 2012 he was deployed to Afghanistan as a reserve Army Officer.
Following the merger of the SEQ Water Grid Manager with Seqwater and Linkwater, he was appointed the Manager
Northern Operations, managing the operation and maintenance of the dams, water treatment plants, catchments and
recreation areas that enable water supply water to the 700,000 residents of Northern Brisbane, Moreton, Northern Somerset
and the Sunshine Coast.
In early 2016 he commenced his current role with RSL Queensland, as State Secretary and General Manager, Veterans
Services, RSL Queensland Branch, which enables him to continue his passion for leading people and serving the veteran
President’s Note:
At the Annual General Meeting and Dinner of QURA September we will farewell LTCOL Richard Pearce and hopefully
welcome MAJ Scott Denner on his future command of the Regiment.