December 2015
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Volume 27 Number 3

          December 2015

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President's Report


The Annual General Meeting and Dinner was conducted in early September at the United Service Club and it was well supported by attending members.  Pictures from the evening are displayed in this newsletter.  Some of the reports presented during the evening are attached to this newsletter.  A topic of discussion at the AGM was what members saw as “the Future” of the Association.  A short paper was emailed to all members and was published in the August newsletter explaining some of the perceived issues facing the Association into the future. The consensus of the members at the meeting resolved that the Association would slightly shift its focus in the foreseeable future. However it would strengthen its resolve to attract more members to Association, especially the graduation classes from RMC. The presentation by Richard Palk on the Battlefields of Flanders was fascinating. Richard was able to speak of his experiences with the celebrations of the Australian commitment in WW1, whilst he was serving with the Department of Foreign Affairs. It was truly pleasing to hear how the residents of the area still honour our fallen soldiers.The annual Christmas reunion for the members of QURA was held on Wednesday 9 December 2015 at the Gaythorne RSL Club. It was well attended. The Club’s quiet atmosphere and pleasant surroundings made it ideal for members to sit and chat over old times. A Christmas special on the sale of joining the Club for life membership ($1 for Life) was very popular for members.

The Association provided some finger foods, and all who attended really enjoyed the chance to once again meet with friends from the Regimental times. This venue was so good it will definitely be a venue of choice in the future. The Association is continuing the work on the upgrading of the recorded history of the Regiment.  It is a huge task.  All photographs and documents not published in the previous written history are still being electronically recorded and sorted into groups of the time period of the Commanding Officer.  It has been decided that the new history document will not be published in book form but will be available on CD.  Now is the time to assist us produce a complete history.  We are still looking for photos and documents for any period of the Regimental history.  Whilst recording the modern era we will add all items of any historical interest.  We will welcome short stories written by members reflecting on their time in the Regiment.  It can simply be a short few sentences.  To protect the innocent you do not have to have your name attached to the contributions.  We are just very keen to get views and stories from the past.  Please contact me on mobile 0437 442 964 if you can assist us with any items for our history.  We will be grateful to receive any photos or documents and will return them to you following the scanning process.  I will arrange for a pickup of photos and documents should you make them available to us.  I emphasise that we are interested in items from any time since the birth of the Regiment.  I look forward to having a huge problem with the storage of so many historical items. This year I asked members to send to me short comments about any topic at all. I published in the August newsletter stimulus topics for members to comment on. All members have to do is react to a topic and send me their comments. Names will not be added to the comment. The collection of comments, when added together, make up a potted history. PLEASE send to me any comments you have of times, places and “events” from your QUR military life.

Once again we intend to try to contact members who have not replied to our emails for sometime, just to ensure that we have their correct email address. Additionally we will be attempting to contact members for whom we do not have any email address. If you at any time meet with any of your old mates from QUR, ask them whether they are members of the Association. If  not, give them my email address, or you send their contact details to me at President.  The more contacts we get the stronger our Association will become.It is with great sadness that I have to report that Peter Morton has informed us that he will not be able to continue to perform some of the work that he has been doing for the Association over the many years. Behind the whizzes and flash bangs to keep the Association going with the membership records, the email communications, the newsletter and the website a lot of work is completed. Over the years Peter has done a tremendous amount of work to make our Association’s communications and electronic presentation up to the excellent standard that it is. He has spent many hours writing computer programmes to completely automate some of the tasks involved for the management of the Association. Peter has given a lot to the Association. Peter has decided that it is time to take a break and will now focus his attention to his next project, the Volunteer Marine Rescue Service. Peter’s excellent work given to the Association was recognised by the Association by the awarding of Life membership several years ago. Peter’s position in the management committee will be hard to replace. On behalf of the Association I extend to Peter sincerest thanks to Peter and wish him all the best in his new ventures. Thanks for all hard work. The website and the quality of the newsletters is a tribute to your skill and dedication. THANKS PETER! Obviously any communication with the Association using email should not be directed to Peter’s old email address. Please direct all email correspondence to President.

I would extend to the Commanding Officer and all ranks of the Regiment thanks for their support to the Association during the year. The Association does what it can to further the interests of the Regiment and we greatly appreciate the work that the Regiment does to support us. o all members I wish you the best for the forthcoming festive season. I wish you safe travel and all the happiness of family and friends getting together during this time.






QURA AGM and Dinner


The Annual General Meeting for the QUR Association was held at the United Service Club, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane on the evening of Thursday 17 September 2015 at 1900 for 1930 hours.   




President Trevor Luttrell addressing the AGM.

Ernie Dunwoody phones home whilst Garry Collins (left),

John Pearn and William Ridley listen.

David Ross (left), Craig Blanch and Wayne Barkley enjoy the evening.

Serge Volenschenko (right) chats with Rod Hardaker.

Toni Clews (right), Elona Drain, Dick Palk, Bruce Maughan and Rod Hamilton enjoying the evening.

Jenny Cotton, Dave Woodrow and Barry Weller listening to the Financial Statements whilst Ernie Dunwoody is still trying to call home.

Paul Smith (left), Wayne Robson, Al Patching??, Rod Hamilton (chatting to Sam Harrison - foreground) and Bruce Maughan.
Dick Palk (centre) with Bruce Maughan (left) and Elona Drain.
David Fisher (2IC QUR) addressing the AGM.

After dinner speaker, Dick Palk






Captain Bumble's Letter


At the 2015 QURA AGM/Dinner, committee member Garry Collins recited a poem "Captain Bumble's Letter". The poem is reproduced here for those members that could not attend.


Don’t talk about Sebastopol,

The Russian War is flat now.

Just listen to despatches

Just come from Ballarat now.

Our noble Governor, Sir Charles,

And where is there a better,

Has permitted us to publish

Captain Bumble’s private letter.


He writes thus to His Excellency,

‘Myself and Major Stiggins

Got our brave fellows all equipped

And started for the diggins.

Our band struck up God Save the Queen,

Into cheers our men were bursting,

And every gallant soldier was

For glorious action thirsting.


‘Our first attack was on two drays

Which we saw in the distance,

But the enemy surrendered

After just a slight resistance.

We were disappointed in our search

Of these two wretched traitors,

For instead of seizing powder

They were loaded with potatoes.


‘We marched but were obliged to halt

On behalf of Sergeant Trunnions,

Who was unable to proceed

On account of having bunions.

We stationed pickets all around

To give us timely warning

And there we bivouacked and slept

Till nine the following morning.


‘At length into the diggins,

Footsore our men did tramp there,

And we took up our position

Within the Gov’ment camp there;

Provisions were served out to all

And my very soul it tickles

To contemplate their ravages

On the cold boiled beef and pickles.


‘We watched at night, but all was still:

For glory we were yearning,

And we fired upon a tent in which

A candle was seen burning.

We killed a woman and a child

Though ‘twas not our intention;

But that slight mistakes occur

Of course I needn’t mention.


‘At length in earnest was the strife:

While buried in their slumbers,

We made a bold and desperate charge

And cut them down in numbers.

Our gallant fellows fought like bricks,

The rebels were defeated,

And then by hundreds off they ran

And to the bush retreated.


‘Thus all is quiet and I now

Subscribe myself your humble

Devoted servant of the Crown,

Frederick Augustus Bumble.


Postscript –

Pray send us up some good cheroots

And anything that’s handy

And by all means, pray don’t forget

We’re nearly out of brandy.’





QURA Membership Secretary/Newsletter


Due to the resignation of Peter Morton, QURA is looking for someone to take over the duties of Membership Secretary and to produce the quarterly newsletter.  The position requires some computer knowledge (windows) to maintain the QURA Membership database as well as send emails to members.  These functions are contained within the software developed for QURA and require the use of a windows based computer.  Peter will install the required software and give training to anyone interested in taking up this position.  The newsletter is currently being produced use an old Frontpage program from microsoft and we are looking for someone to keep this going or revamp our website to bring it up to current standards.


If you are interested in either of these positions in QURA, please contact Trevor Luttrell via email at President.




Correspondence from Members


Listed below is some of the correspondence received since the last Newsletter.  These emails are reproduced here for entertainment and also to keep members informed of other members movements, etc.


Please note:  QURA receives emails/letters from time to time requesting contact details of members.  The current policy is if a fellow member requests contact with another member, the contact details are given without contacting the relevant member. 

Where contact is requested by a non-member, the contact is referred to the individual member to follow up the contact if they so desire.




From: Rob Van Dyke
To: Peter Morton
Subject: RE: QURA 2015 AGM Update



Hi Peter,


As per previous email unfortunately I cannot attend.


I'll be sorry to miss Dick Palk's presentation.


Please pass on my best wishes and regards to Dick. Indeed, he has had an illustrious and interesting career! 


He was the Platoon Commander of the QUR recruits way back in January 1977 when I attended Recruit Course at 1 TRG GP at Wacol and he was a great inspiration to us, the "know-nothing raw recruits".


Kind regards,


Rob VanDyk




Army Headquarters


Russell Offices

Canberra, ACT 2610




From: Rob Van Dyke
To: Peter Morton
Subject: RE: QURA 2015 AGM Update






From: Dave Sallows
To: Peter Morton
Subject: Not Attending QURA AGM/Dinner


Hi Peter,

I will NOT be attending the 2015 QURA AGM/Dinner.


Age is starting to weary me and late nights are not for me now. However, I do get my OBE in a couple of months and I can still “get  on my bike” as I hope to ride 80km on that birthday – which is just about 6 weeks after I do the 103km from Southbank to Southport in the Bicycle Qld charity ride.  Maybe my brain has gone already??


Please present my apologies to the meeting – sounds like it will be a very interesting talk.






From: Bill Beach
To: Peter Morton
Changi civilian internment digitisation project


Thought a few might be interested..




The Royal Commonwealth Society Collection is delighted to announce that work has begun on its project to conserve and digitize the archives of two Second World War civilian internment camps on Singapore, generously funded by a Research Resources Award from the Wellcome Trust. At the conclusion of the project in Aug. 2017, the records of the Changi and Sime Road Camps will be made freely available via the Cambridge Digital Library. They will be of immense interest to the families of internees, academic researchers, students and the general public, since few survivors ever spoke of their traumatic ordeal.  The first stage of the project involves the meticulous conservation of the archive, and my colleagues from the Conservation Department, Emma Nichols and Mary French, will shortly be posting about their work.


Bill Beach,

Manager, Centre for Digital Scholarship

Associate  Director, Client Services,

The University of Queensland Library,



From: John Hammond
To: Trevor Luttrell
Subject: WW II Photos



A Supermarine Spitfire Vc 'Tropical' JK707 MX-P serving with 307th Fighter Squadron, 31st Fighter Group operated by 12th USAAF. The regular pilot was 1st.Lt. Carroll A. Prybylo, but when lost it was flown by Capt. Virgil Cephus Fields, Jr. (Source - US Navy, via Library of Congress. Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

A Finnish soldier practices maneuvers in the winter snow at a military dog training school during the Finnish-Soviet Continuation War. Hämeenlinna, Finland. February 1941. (Source - SA-kuva. Colorized by Jared Enos) 

Focke Wulf FW-190A6 Nº20 of 4./Jagdgeschwader 54 (JG 54) on the airfield at Immola in Finland. 2nd of July 1944. (Source - SA-kuva. Colorized by Jared Enos) 

A Chinese Nationalist soldier guards a row of Curtiss P-40 'Warhawks' flown by the 'Flying Tigers' of the American Volunteer Group (AVG). July, 1942. (Source - National Archives and Records Administration - 535531. Colorized by Tom Thounaojam from India)

A crew member cleaning the barrel of an Sd.Kfz. 251/9 - Schützenpanzerwagen (7.5 cm KwK 37 L/24) "Stummel" on the East Front, c. Summer 1942. (Colorized by Royston Leonard from the UK)

Boeing B-29 Superfortress 42-24592 “Dauntless Dotty” 869th Bomb Squadron, 497th Bomb Group, 73rd Bomb Wing, 20th Air Force. 24th of November 1944. (Source 'Life' Magazine. Colorized by Leo Courvoisier from Argentina)

Soviet Air Force officers, Rufina Gasheva (848 night combat missions) and Nataly Meklin (980 night combat missions) decorated as 'Heroes of the Soviet Union' for their service with the famed 'Night Witches' unit during World War II. They stand in front of their Polikarpov Po-2 biplanes. (Colourisation and research by Olga Shirnina from Russia)

Squadron Leader J.A.F. MacLachlan, the one-armed Commanding Officer of No 1 Squadron RAF, standing beside his all-black Hawker Hurricane Mark IIC night fighter, 'JX-Q', at Tangmere in West Sussex, England. (Source - Royal Air Force official photographer Woodbine G (Mr) © IWM CH 4015. Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

F/L J. F. Thomas and the crew of Avro Lancaster Bomber 'B' MkI 'Victorious Virgin' RF128 QB-V of RCAF 424 Squadron "Tiger" Squadron on the 21st of March 1945. (probably taken at the Skipton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire airfield). (Colorized by Tom Thounaojam from India)

T/5 William E. Thomas and Pfc. Joseph Jackson prepare a gift of special “Easter Eggs” for Adolf Hitler and the German Army. Scrawling such messages on artillery shells in World War II was one way in which artillery soldiers could humorously express their dislike of the enemy. Easter Saturday, March the 10th 1945, during the Battle of Remagen. (The photographer 1st Lt. John D. Moore of the Signal Corps. Source - US National Archives 111-SC-202330. Colorized by Johhny Sirlande from Belgium)

A broken down and deserted Soviet T-35 heavy tank of the 8th Mechanised Corps. On the Dubno - Plycza highway, Rivne Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. June/July 1941. (Colorized by Royston Leonard from the UK)


Troops of the 17th U.S. Airborne Division, First Allied Airborne Army, march past a blazing building in Appelhülsen, Germany, as they advance toward the city of Münster, nine miles to the northeast. First Allied Airborne Army troops had landed east of the Rhine river on March 24th 1945. (Colorized by Doug)

Flying Officer Leonard Haines of No. 19 Squadron RAF sits by the cockpit of his Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia (QV-?) at Fowlmere, near Duxford. September 1940. (Photo Source - © IWM CH 1373. Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

'Dog Beach Patrol', (possibly on Parramore Beach, Virginia, US. October 1943). (Source - United States Coast Guard - Photo No.726. Colorized by Royston Leonard from the UK)

An Allied Soldier takes a break during the approach to Tripoli, Libya beside a swastika and the words 'Heil Hitler' that have been carved into a rocky hillside during January 1943. (Source - © IWM E 21788. Colorized by Royston Leonard from the UK)

The crew of Avro Lancaster "C for Charlie" of No. 44 (Rhodesia) Squadron RAF, try to warm themselves in their Nissen hut quarters at Dunholme Lodge, Lincolnshire, England, after returning from a raid on Stuttgart, 2nd of March 1944. (Source - © IWM (CH 12379. Colorized by Paul Edwards)

Girls working on shell caps in a munitions factory, somewhere in England. 25th of May 1940. (Source - Gettys Images - Photographer, Paul Popper. Colorized by John Gulizia from America)

A Finnish Brewster Buffalo 239 fighter (BW-352) of (Squadron) Lentolaivue/24 at Selänpää airfield. 24th June 1941. (Source - SA-Kuva. Colorized by Tommi Rossi from Finland)

Veronica Foster, (b.1922 - d.2000) popularly known as "Ronnie, the Bren Gun Girl", was a Canadian icon representing nearly one million Canadian women who worked in the manufacturing plants that produced munitions and materiel during World War II. Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

An American Marine aiming his Garand M1 rifle, whilst perched on Japanese ammunition crates on the Island of Iwo Jima, c. February/March 1945. (Colourised by Royston Leonard from the UK)

Soviet artillerymen transporting a 76-mm divisional gun M1942 (ZiS-3) during the forced crossing of the Oder River, Germany, c. December, 1944. (Photograph by Dmitri Baltermants. Colorized by Royston Leonard from the UK)

A British Crusader tank passes a burning German Panzer IV tank during 'Operation Crusader'. Cyrenaica (the eastern province of Libya). Winter 1941. (Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

The strain and fatigue of 23 days on the line is shown by Marines of Combat Team 'C', 2/7th US Marines, 1st Marine Division seen here displaying Japanese battle flags captured during the Battle of Cape Gloucester. 14-15th January 1944. (Source USMC 71602. Colorized by Doug)

Crew members of Nº537 Soviet IS-2 tank of the 87th Guards Heavy Tank Regiment take a break in Breslau (now Wroc ł aw in Poland) 27th April 1945. (Photographer - Anatoli Egorov. Colorized by Ji ř í Machá č ek from the Czech republic)

US troops from Combat Command B of the U.S. 14th Armored Division entering the Hammelburg Prison in Germany by opening the main gate with bursts of their M3 "Grease Guns". Hammelburg, Germany. April 6, 1945. (Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

A US Marine wearing his camouflage suit fires a Thompson sub-machine gun during Jungle Training - 1942. (Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

British Prisoners of War celebrate their liberation from Stalag X1B, 16th April 1945. (Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

Two German members of the Organisation Todt (involved in the construction of the Atlantic Wall) are sitting on the Spitfire brought down on the wet sands at Calais by Flying Officer Peter Cazenove. It had been hit by a single bullet from a German Dornier bomber. The plane was consumed by the sandy beach and remained there for 40 years. (Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

A Sergeant of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps bandages the wounded ear of a mine-detection Labrador dog named 'Jasper' at Bayeux in Normandy, 5th of July 1944. (Source © IWM B 6496 - Sgt. Christie , No 5 Army Film & Photographic Unit. Colorized by Royston Leonard UK)

Two wounded soldiers from the 6th Durham Light Infantry, 50th (Northumbrian) Infantry Division, XXX Corps., during the Mareth line battle, 22-24 March 1943. (Colorized by Doug)

A Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) man in the bow of the rubber landing craft provides covering fire as a 10-man boat crew of the US Marine 3rd Raider Battalion reaches the undefended beach of Pavuvu in the Russell Islands during 'Operation Cleanslate'. February 1943. (Source - USMC ID #: 54765. Colorized by Royston Leonard UK)

On October 1, 1940, Private Jack Bernard and other volunteers in The British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own Rifles) were marching smartly down Eighth Street in New Westminster to board a ship and sail off to war. Suddenly, Bernard’s five-year-old son broke free of his mother’s grasp and sprinted into the military formation to take his smiling father’s hand. In that instant, an alert Vancouver Daily Province photographer, Claude Dettloff, snapped the shutter. Soon, his unforgettable image of little Warren “Whitey” Bernard was being printed by leading publications throughout North America. It was later used in Canada’s war bond drives with the plea, “help bring my Daddy home.” Jack Bernard survived the war and was reunited with his son in 1945. (Claude Dettloff, photographer - City of Vancouver Archives online database. Colorized by Paul Reynolds. Historic Military Photo Colourisations)

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth visiting bomb damaged streets in the East End of London on the 18th of October 1940. (Colorized by Doug)

While his father chats with a customer at the hardware store, a uniformed Jimmy Stewart sets up a date to go fishing,1945. (Colorized by John Gulizia from America)

The crew of an up-ended (M4A1) Sherman tank of the 7th Armoured Brigade enjoy a ‘brew’ beside their vehicle while waiting for a recovery team, on the 'Gothic Line' in Italy, 13th of September 1944. Their tank overturned after slipping off a narrow road in the dark. (Source - IWM NA 18551 - Dawson (Sgt), No 2 Army Film & Photographic Unit. Colourised by Royston Leonard UK)

At 2.41am on the morning of 7 May 1945, at Allied headquarters in Reims, France, Chief-of-Staff of the German Armed Forces High Command, General Alfred Jodl, signed the unconditional surrender of all German forces to the Allies. The West awoke to the news the following day, with celebrations being held around the world for the Victory in Europe - VE Day, 8 May. (Colorized and researched by Benjamin Thomas from Australia)

Two British sailors celebrate VE Day with their girlfriends in the fountains at Trafalgar Square. London, England. Tuesday the 8th of May 1945. (Source - © IWM EA 65799. United States Army Signal Corps photographer T G Massecar. Colorized by Doug)

9th Army MPs reading of the surrender in the 'Stars and Stripes' in Germany on the 8th of May 1945. (Source - U. S. Army Military History Institute - Nelson A. Shuey Photograph Collection. Colorized by Royston Leonard UK)





Functions - 2015


March Get Together                    Wednesday 18 March 2015 - 1730Hrs (Normanby Hotel)

       Anzac Day                                   Saturday 25 April 2015 - 0430Hrs

                                                                (Dawn Service - No QUR function at Depot)

QUR Birthday Celebration        Saturday 9 May 2015

                                                        (All day - incl displays, etc .  Messes will be open)

AGM                                            Thursday 17 September 2015 - ( 1900Hrs for 1930Hrs)

                                                        (Note change of date)

Officers/SNCO Mixed Dinner      Saturday 10 October 2015 (Unit and QURA members and Partners)

Christmas Function                     Wednesday 9 December 2015 - 1730Hrs (Gaythorne RSL)






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