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Volume 24 Number 4

          November 2012

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President's Report


The Annual General Meeting and Dinner was conducted in early September at the United Service Club and it was well supported by attending members. Pictures from the evening are displayed in this newsletter. Papers from the reports presented on the evening are attached within this newsletter. It has been decided by the Association to place into trust any item of historical interest to protect them in times of any future disruption due to situations such as floods or disbandment of the Regiment.  In future some members will be gathering to physically catalogue all items to be protected in this way.


The Regiment has now moved back into the depot in Walcott Street. Pictures of the renovations were displayed in the August newsletter.


The Association has been able to source two metal badges that will be available for purchase by members. The unit badge is 350mm wide by 500mm high and is cut by plasma cutters into 2mm metal steel plate. The other badge is of the “Rising Sun” and it the ACMF version. It is 500mm wide by 350mm high. They weigh 1.5 kg. Although large and rather heavy they are simply spectacular. They are now available for sale by QURA. They can be hand delivered within the Brisbane Metro area by courier and outside the metro area by an Australian courier company. 


Please check these items and other unit memorabilia on our `For Sale` page


Recently, several QURA members were enjoying lunch and reminiscing about old times.  Among the gathering was Lou Szegedi.  During the lunch, Lou produced the minute book of the Officers Mess meetings from the 1980’s when Ian Bunce was the 2IC and Denis Luttrell was the CO.  Lou was the Officer’s Mess Secretary at the time and after dutifully recording the written record of a Mess meeting, had forgotton to pass the Minute Book to the 2IC and CO for their concurrence and signature. 


In order to make sure that all the due processes had been completed, Lou finally passed the minute book to Ian and Denis who then signed off on the recorded minutes of that meeting in 1980 some 30 odd years later - Well done Lou!!


The usual Xmas get together will be conducted at the victory Hotel in Edward Street, Brisbane on Thursday 6 December 2012 from 1730 hours onwards. Stay as long as you like and catch up with some of your old mates.  For more details press here.


I would extend to the Commanding Officer and all ranks of the Regiment thanks for your support to the Association during the year. The Association does what it can to further the interests of the Regiment and we greatly appreciate the work that the Regiment does to support us.


To all the members I wish you the best for the forthcoming festive season. I wish you safe travel and the happiness of family and friends getting together.



CO's Report November 2012





It is with great pleasure that I provide the QURA with a final CO’s update for 2012.
It has been a hectic and challenging year for the Regiment and I seek to present the highlights from the period and comment on the New Year fast approaching.



Unit Establishment Review (UER)

In February we, along with the other UR (University Regiments), underwent a UER conducted by Army Headquarters. The aims of the UER included standardising the establishment and equipment across the UR, identifying full-time positions for reallocation or civilianization and ensuring that UR were structured appropriately for the mission. This was an exacting process with every position and every piece of equipment scrutinized in detail. The new UE was approved in July and becomes effective on 1 Jan 2013. Overall, the unit decreases slightly in size. The new structure is 129 ARES, 18 ARA and 5 APS making us the secong largest UR behind SUR. The organisation of the unit changes a somewhat. Logistic Support Coy becomes Administration Coy, NQ Coy will become a Platoon and Officer Training Company merges with Soldier Driver Training Coy to become Training Company.

Regimental Birthday

We celebrated the Regimental Birthday on 1 May with a unit potted sports activity and a BBQ. This informal occasion, attended by MAJGEN Pearn, marked the 80th anniversary year of the first raising of the Queensland University Detachment and the 62nd anniversary of the official raising of the unit in 1950.

St Lucia Depot Reoccupied

It was with some relief we finally reoccupied the St Lucia Depot in July. Since the depot was severely damaged in the 2011 floods the ground floor and outbuildings have been refurbished, furniture replaced and the messes restored. After a period located in makeshift arrangements at Enoggera the Regimental Headquarters, elements of Logistics Support Coy and Jacka Coy have moved back. It is wonderful to reconnect with the spiritual home of the Regiment and we look forward to re-establishing the close ties with UQ and the local community. I am also keen to take the opportunity to ensure that the memorabilia of the units is well presented. I can confirm that a plaque in the same style as one denoting the 2011 flood level has replaced the 1974 flood level mark.

Bridge to Brisbane

A community engagement initiative Soldier Driver Training Company initiated and organised a fundraising team. The ‘RunQUR’ team of 44 participants raised over $16,000 for Legacy. We appreciate the generous donation from the QURA and those from individuals within the QURA.


The latter part of the year saw the resources allocated to Army reviewed and reduced. The Army Reserve Training Salary allocation for 2 DIV was reduced and this had a flow on effect for Brigades and Units. Importantly for QUR, individual training is the Forces Commander’s second highest priority behind ‘support to operations’. Nevertheless, that has been significant effort invested in reviewing current practice and seeking efficiencies. For any of you that have had service for a protracted period in the Army Reserve it will be a familiar set of circumstances.


During this time we have also run over 33 course sessions 2 CAM/Mod 2, Grade 2 Grade 3, HRR course, Driver courses and the First Appointment Course and trained hundreds of soldiers and officers. Importantly we have graduated 13 new LT for the Brigade.

Individual Efforts


I would like to note some recent outstanding individual efforts:

  •     Our Officer Cadets have been performing extremely well on the national Training blocks. Their fitness and preparation has been first rate and this has been recognised with 7 Student of Merit awards this year.  Our Officer Cadets have also won one of the major prizes for the graduating class; LT Condon (tactics) in Feb and LT Kelly (leadership) in July.

  •     I would like to acknowledge the diligent work of the outgoing Officer Commanding Jacka Coy MAJ Tony Smith whose tenure has come to an end. His personal commitment and dedication has been a major factor in the high performance of our Officer Cadets.

  •     MAJ Mark Smith has been selected to attend full-time ACSC and achievement that places him in the top tier of ARES Majors.

  •     CPL Milne finished second in this years ASSAM, winning a number of events but narrowly missing out on being top shop.

  •     SGT Drain and CPL Woo have been award bronze commendations for outstanding performance.

  •     MAJ Mark Winter id being promoted to LTCOL and will take up the role of SO1 Soldier Career Management at the Career Advisory Group – Northern Region next year.

  •     Key staff including MAJ Dzian, MAJ Sheppard, CAPT Grumley and MAJ Cameron are being posted next year. I thank them for their efforts and support. Our tireless and highly valued Administration Manager (Chief Clerk equivalent) Kim Cova is also leaving us due to a move to Canberra.

2013 Outlook

The early part of 2013 will see significant change in the Regiment, namely:

  •     A transition to the new UE.

  •     A substantial turn-over of staff in key positions (including every OC).

  •     Changes to some of the courses that we deliver specifically the Grade 2/3 and the Infantry IET.

  •     A potential additional task for the Regiment (more to follow next year).

The Regiment will also be heavily invested in supporting 11 Brigade achieve the outcomes required by PLAN BEERSHEBA.

Finally, I look forward to welcoming members of the QURA as guests to the refurbished St Lucia Depot. I deeply appreciate the work of the QURA and the support that the organisation has provided my personnel. I intend to support the reintroduction of the traditional ‘Back to the Regiment’ function in format and timing next year.

Scientia ac Labore

Mark Armstrong
Lieutenant Colonel
Commanding Officer
Queensland University Regiment


Extract of Address on 2 August 2012 by CO QUR (LTCOL Mark Armstrong)

On behalf of QUR and 11 Bde the Run QUR team is pleased to be able to make this modest contribution to support the important work of Legacy.

I would like to introduce the Legacy team that have hosted the breakfast this morning: Tony Ralph -President of Brisbane Legacy & Chairman of Board of Directors, Gavan White-Fundraising co-ordinator(ex 90sOPSO QUR), Nadia Coxon - Event co-ordinator and BRIG Chris Hamilton, Legacy Board member.
The tragic news from AFG that we received on Thursday is an unfortunate reminder of the difficult and vital work that Legacy does to support Defence families during times of loss and despair. All of the ‘Run QUR’ team feel every ADF death keenly and our thoughts are with our comrades still deployed and the families at home for whom this will be bleak day indeed. We ran today with light feet but heavy hearts. However, we are grateful and comforted for the work that Legacy does and the people who do it.

I would like to acknowledge the effort and personal commitment of MAJ Mark Smith and his SDTC Team in conceiving and organising this activity. It has been a wonderful success with the team, representing all ranks in the unit, fundraising over triple our target and finishing in the top 3 teams for the event in terms of fundraising; all in a little over 4 weeks. You should be very pleased for your performance in raising funds and your participation today. I am very proud of what the team has achieved.

I would also like to thank the COMD 11 BDE for his support to us in organising this activity.
It is also appropriate to highlight the outstanding individual fundraising efforts.
MAJ Smith raised well over $2.5K; just outside of the top 10 individual fundraisers for the event. I am assured that everyone on his iphone and email contacts list has received his call in recent weeks and that anyone who was within five metres of him at last night’s Defence Charity Ball had the opportunity to contribute!

CPL Josh Raward raised over $1K and
OCDT Danielle Day raised $900.
MAJ Mark Winter finished strongly and raised $800.
Well done to you. We set out with a goal to ‘raise a day’s pay’ to donate….well at that daily rate you 3 have all have lucrative careers ahead of you as consultants!

Finally, on behalf of QUR and 11 BDE I would like to present this giant cheque, in size and amount, for $15150 representing the sum of our fundraising efforts to Legacy…….




Vale Malcolm Augustine Try 


It is with deep regret that I inform QURA members that good friend and colleague Mal Try passed away on Sunday, 5th August 2012.  Mal succumbed to an illness that he had been battling for sometime.  Listed below is the eulogy that President Trevor Luttrell delivered at the memorial service conducted at Mal's home at Cotton Beach, Kingscliffe.


Good morning. I am Trevor Luttrell.

As a soldier I served with Mal for the past 38 years. Mal was both a comrade and a mate. I am honoured that Lynne has asked me to give a eulogy on Mal’s life.


Mal was born in Cremorne, Sydney on Monday 19 May 1947 and passed to rest in Oxley, Brisbane on Sunday 5 August 2012.  His parents were Lance and Jean Try. He was the second eldest of 5 children Steve, Mal, Therese, Michael, and Peter.  His grandparents Jane and George owned Brookvale house in Sydney. It was donated to the Warringah Council and became the Warringah Mall. Jane owned a trotting track that finally became the Brookvale oval, the home of the Manly NRL football team. The Jane Try stand is named after her.


Mal attended St Augustine’s Catholic School where he excelled. He was School Captain, Dux of the School, as well as Captain of the rugby and swimming teams. Mal’s achievements at St Augustines’ and his grandmother’s name on the stand at Brookvale oval, maybe his school was named after Mal’s second name.  Significantly whilst in the Scouting Movement he received the Papal Banner from Cardinal Gilroy at St Mary’s Cathedral.


So you can see he was a sweet and bright student and butter would not melt in his mouth…………

What happened Mal as you aged??  Mal had kept this side of his nature well hidden from his army mates.


Mal went on to study engineering at Sydney University and was first employed at the Sydney Water Board.


Mal spoke of his formative years as being wonderful and full of exciting activities. His childhood was marked with rock fights with a street gang. His parents rounded his education ensuring he could both sew and undertake mechanical repairs. The exposure to all these activities set the pattern for Mal’s interests in life. His main recreational sporting activity was surfing. He enjoyed challenges. He repaired many automobiles and gladly undertook the challenges of acting as a partner in many debutante balls.


 In 1972 Mal married Jan Wilson and they were blessed with two daughters, Sharlene in 1973 and Nikki in 1975. Mal adored his girls. As with Mal they excelled at sports, particularly hockey and water polo. Sharlene participated in the Australian School Girls Water Polo team.


Mal and Jan moved to Brisbane in 1974 where Mal gained employment with the University of Queensland as a hydrologist. He mainly worked building marine models for research. He then worked in the Water Quality Section of Queensland Local government and spent many pleasant times on Moreton Bay conducting surveys and tests. His final employment was with the Department of Environment, State Government of Queensland.


Mal’s training as a child and his study in engineering gave him the necessary skills to build a home at Moggill. He did much of the work himself. He was very proud of a leadlight window he made after attending a do it yourself workshop. They raised a farm with a horse (Snowy), donkey (Venus), cow (Myrtle), Australian Cattle Dog (Molle), Labrador (Cleo) and a cat named Woosy.


Sadly Mal and Jan parted ways in the early 80’s. Sometime later, Mal met Lynne at a party given by one of Mal’s work mates from his Water Quality days. Mal and Lynne became partners, and they stayed together until Mal passed on.  Mal and Lynne spent many wonderful days travelling all over Australia. They purchased a four-wheeled caravan capable of withstanding the Australian outback roads. They both loved sitting under some gum trees beside a creek and chatting to anyone round. Mal’s passion in his latter years was to install every conceivable tool, radio, satellite GPS, and solar system in his four- wheel drive and or his van. I remember watching Mal search for an item in his vehicle once. He knew where everything was. As he had so much equipment there was absolutely no room left for anything else. Mal was so organized, and ready to meet any challenge on his trips away. When Mal became to realize that his time was near, he started to organize his life following the pattern of he followed throughout his time with us.


Mal ‘s compassion for others was very well seen by the way he cared for Lynne and the children of Lynne’s daughters, Madeline and Amy. He was a strong man but a real softie inside.


During the time of his study at the University of Sydney he enlisted into the Australian Citizens Military Forces, in the Sydney University Regiment on 2 April 1965. It was in the University Regiment that he was trained to serve as an Army Officer. On completion of this training he was commissioned to the rank of Lieutenant in January 1968.  His first posting was with the Artillery but on 1 July 1975 he was transferred to the corps that he so loved – Armour.  The challenge for most of his commanding officers was to get the Armoured Corps black beret from his head and replace it with a slouch hat. When he ran out of jobs in Armour, he was transferred to the Infantry corps where he had to wear the slouch hat. In 1979 Mal transferred to the Queensland University Regiment as an instructor. It was there where I first met Mal. He was a very competent officer. Mal followed the old maxim of working hard and playing hard.


Mal was quite misunderstood by many of his commanders. He was a good leader and organizer. He would work hard to complete the job and then, relax, but this gave the impression that he was sitting around doing nothing. One of his favourite sayings about duties was “ Step away, this is mine, this is what I get paid for”. On speaking to the soldiers he commanded, they always spoke highly of him noting that he invented the concept of not micromanaging his men. He let them get on with the job, but always made sure that he did his tasks, in order to achieve to achieve a good result.


During my research for these words three of his comrades recounted the time when a vehicle had rolled whist he was the transport platoon commander. They told of how he quickly took charge of the situation ensuring the safety and well being of his men and the speedy clearance of the damaged equipment. They stated that they felt safe and trusted him as a great leader. Mal’s sense of humour came through when he radioed the Quartermaster to inform him that the driver had broken the outside rear vision mirror. When questioned further he calmly stated that the driver has parked the truck on the mirror. I could see Mal’s high level of skill and his strong leadership. Unfortunately Mal had a personality that tended to mask these skills from his commanders.


One of Mal’s proudest achievements was to claim he was, at one time, the longest serving Lieutenant in the Reserve Forces. He definitely could lay claim to that record in the University Regiment.


Mal maintained a great interest in Army when he retired from active service. He joined the old boys association of the University Regiment and enjoyed the times celebrating and reminiscing about adventures in the service.


The training and development from Mal’s younger years was put to good use in both his civilian career and his service in the Army.


Mal was always up for a bit of fun. Most of the time he was responsible, but there was one time when he was the recipient. We were to conduct an exercise on Fraser Island and one of our exercise preparations was to fly by helicopter to Fraser Island to conduct a reconnaissance and to test the water quality in the lakes for drinking. The plan was for the helicopter to hover just above the surface of the water and for Mal to step out onto the helicopter skids. He was to simply bend down and scoop up the water in a urine sampling test jar. All things worked for a while.  For those who know a little about helicopters the machine has to work very hard to maintain a hover and the pilot has to be working hard. At one point the lake was covered in low grasses so pilot came down just on the side of the lake. He did not want to fully land, not knowing how soft the surface might be. Mal was to hop out and walk over to the water’s edge to gather the sample. Mal stepped out and immediately went up to his thighs in thick, watery mud. He tried to get free of the sticky mud but could not move. When the pilots and crew saw this they all burst out in laughter, so much so the pilot was having increasing difficulty flying the aircraft whilst shaking with laughter. The pilot kept the machine near Mal, for him to pull himself free. That did not work. So the pilot got Mal to hold onto the skids whilst he tried to take off to pull Mal out. That finally worked but it was so funny. The pilot later stated that this was the funniest thing he had seen happen. By the way Mal and Bruce were later to make history when they were sent on a fishing expedition to Indian Head by helicopter. They were delivered there and picked up the next morning much to the amazement of the fishermen on the side of the headland.


Another time in Singleton we were waiting for a very early flight back to the depot at the end of camp. We waited in the Officer’s Mess, as our flight was about 3am. Whilst waiting Mal found some tomatoes in the kitchen. What better to break the boredom but to start throwing some tomatoes at the gathered men. Everyone joined in including the 2IC. Tomatoes flew everywhere, as if it was a scene from a Marx Brothers movie. It was great fun. Needless to say, we had a big job cleaning the walls prior to departure.


On a more personal level, on one occasion, Mal had enjoyed himself at an Officer’s Mess dinner. During his sleep he felt he needed to throw up. As he found out he was not particularly capable of getting out of bed so he reached down and picked up his boot in order to make a stomach deposit. On waking in the morning, Peter Morton found out that Mal had thrown up into his boot and not Mal’s own boot.


For those who don’t know when in camp, an officer is always appointed each day to be the duty officer. It was always seen as a punishment for doing something naughty.  Obviously Mal was given that task many times during his career. He often used to say that he was specially appointed by the Commanding Officer to represent him with these duties, as if it was an honour to be given that appointment.


I cannot leave his military career without mentioning that Mal was a good leader. He really cared for the soldiers and they had a great respect for him. I received comments from some of his soldiers such as “he really cared for me and made me feel like I was a valued human being.”


Mal service was recognized when he was awarded the Reserve Forces Decoration and the National Medal for service to the Australian Defence Force.


In the latter years of Army service with Mal, a group of close military buddies formed a club affectionately known as the “Swamp.” This was based upon the MASH movie. “The Swampies” - Colin, Peter, Bruce, Garry (now deceased) and myself - maintained a very strong friendship as a result of serving together in the Army.


Mal was quiet in his achievements. He loved a joke, but when let loose he would always get the job done. He was trustworthy and loyal. He enjoyed the good things of life and passionately loved the Australian bush and animals.  This is why we are at the beach. He loved all manner of gadgets, tools and mechanical equipment.


His broad and successful youth set him to follow this pattern all his life.


As will all the members of the Swampies, I will greatly miss Mal, as we already do with Garry. Mal was a great mate and soldier. He cared for his family as he did for his military family.


During Mal’s final years, with the great support from Lynne and her extended family, and Col and Vicki Ahern, Mal’s health deteriorated, but he still liked to dabble with machines, tools and gadgets.


We will miss Mal. He was a very caring and loving man. He was a most competent person and was loved by many. He used the skills he learnt in early life to good use. If I was to say one thing about Mal, it is that his keen ability to have fun was cause for many to get the wrong impression of him. However, he enjoyed life, loved his family and will be finally laid to rest in the open – a place he always loved to be.


Mal we will all miss you




Section of the congregation at Mal's memorial service.  Bill Beach and Lou Szegedi standing at the rear with Gary Collins, John Hammond seated  to the front of them. Mal's partner Lynne Bowe (left) with her daughter Madeline seated at the front with Heather Pearson and Peter Morton
Gina Privitera and Gary Collins on the beach after the service
John Hammond, left, Peter Morton, Gary Collins and Trevor Luttrell at Mal's seaside memorial service
Ian Bunce, left with Gary Collins and Bill Beach (right) saying farewell to Mal Try at the beachside service



Vale Harry Standfast  CO QUR 1972-1975  


It is with deep regret that I inform QURA members that former CO QUR LTCOL Harry Standfast AM ED passed away on Friday, 2nd November, aged 82 years.   For those members that served with Harry Standfast, he will be remembered as a fair and engaging CO who maintained a keen interest in the Regiment long after he relinguished command.  So endeared was his memory the the OR's club was named the Standfast Club in his honour.


LTCOL Standfast joined the Regiment as a Recruit Minor in 1950. He was commissioned in 1953. He then served in the 1st Mobile Malaria Control Company RAAMC until going to Papua New Guinea in 1956. He was later posted to CSTU as an instructor in military history and current affairs completing his Tac 5 course at Canungra in 1971. He was posted back to the Regiment in 1972 as the Second in Command.


His civilian occupation was Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO.


The years of his command were characterised by low numbers due to the abolition of National Service. Another reason for the low numbers was that the University changed its academic year to a semester system with progressive assessment and mid year examinations.


The annual camp 1973 was held in May at Tin Can Bay with a total strength of one rifle company. The unit however managed to secure air and armour support.


In an attempt to counter the dwindling numbers recruiting was permitted on the grounds of the University after extensive lobbying, however this did not commence until 1974-1975. Another measure was to conduct camps to coincide with the newly organised semester system. This meant the end of May annual camp.  Two camps were held each of 16 days duration, one in January and one in July of each year. A weekend range practice completed a soldier’s annual obligation of thirty-three days. 


In January 1974 a courses camp and a recruit course were held at the St Lucia depot.  


However the early 1970s did not look favourably upon the Regiment.


Disaster struck on Australia Day 1974. After weeks of constant rain, cyclonic weather and king tides the largest flood to strike Brisbane since 1893 hit.


Vast areas of Brisbane were covered by water. The river level rose by an average of eight metres.


The depot was covered to a depth of fourteen feet (four metres). The flood level is marked and may still be seen on the Mezzanine level in the Drill Hall.  Much damage was caused to the depot including to the colours (water staining). This necessitated their ultimate replacement in 1978.



The drill hall after the 1974 floods



Volunteers restored the depot to a reasonable state fairly quickly. However urgent repair work was not effected by the Army for many months. To compound these problems, at the time of the flood the unit had many loan stores in the depot including vehicles and weapons. There were boards of surveys, endless inquiries and investigations. These inquiries were to last for some two years after the floods had finished. As can be imagined these diverted all-important resources to administrative tasks.  


The Subject Course for promotion to Corporal was moved to Wacol during the clean up of the depot.


The 1974 Annual Camp was conducted at Wacol. In the second week of the camp a field exercise was held at Spring Mountain training area.


Notwithstanding the introduced measures to counteract the fall in numbers, the numbers in the Regiment continued to decline.


At one point consideration was given by Higher Command to disbanding the unit. Officer training was suspended pending the decision by the Federal government to abolish University Regiments. 


However after some debate the decision was made not to disband it but rather to continue.


By reason of the suspension only three officers were to graduate from the Regiment in 1975 and two more graduated in 1976. This was a far cry from the 70 who had graduated during the course of 1968 only eight years earlier.


The 1975 January camp was conducted at Greenbank. The Regiment in the second week of the camp held a field exercise in the Esk State Forest. Numbers at this camp were a far cry from that which the unit achieved in the late 1960s. Various accounts unable to be substantiated put the total number in the Regiment during this camp at 36, 45 or 54 (including 17 officers.)


Later in 1975 after recruiting commenced at the University, numbers began to increase. During the July 1975 camp, the Regiment was able to place a company in the field together with a Regimental Command Post. Recruits to the unit had been trained at the 1st Training Group at Wacol. This system was that recruits from all units were trained at a centralised location before posting to their parent unit. This system remains in place today, although in 1997 the training of Army Reserve recruits moved to the 1st Recruit Training Battalion at Kapooka.


This time was also a time of change for the Regiment.


In 1974 the Labor government had commissioned the Millar committee of inquiry into the Citizen Military forces. This was the first major strategic review since the Army Post War Plan had been implemented in 1947.


The report found “But the world has changed in the nearly 30 years since the end of World War II and the needs of defence have changed. Like so many other affairs in which we used to be amateurs-diplomacy, trade, some kinds of manufacturing, opera, tennis- we have had to become professionals, and we have developed a profession of arms. The place of the citizen soldier in the total context of this profession is different from what it was in the past, but it is still essential and honourable.”


The report made twenty-nine recommendations including:


1.      That the CMF (to be called the Reserves) was to be an essential component of the defence of Australia.

2.     The Reserve component should be prepared for total integration with the rest of the Army in the event of call up      for full time duty.

3.     The Reserves should be treated and act as part of a single force with the Regular Army.

4.    The Reserves should be divided into operational units, logistical units and a training organisation geared to provide an effective operational force at short notice and a basis for expansion in the longer term. 


In 1975 LTCOL Standfast handed over command to a past graduate of the Regiment LTCOL Merv Littmann. 


Harry Standfast will be remembered lovingly by all who were fortunate to serve with him.







QURA AGM - 7 Sept 2012


The Annual General Meeting for the QUR Association was held at the United Service Club, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane on the evening of Friday 7 September 2012 .   


Minutes from the 2012 AGM



Queensland University Regiment Association

Annual General Meeting

7 September 2012





1.                WELCOME

President opened meeting at 1930 hours.


2.                ATTENDANCE

President welcomed all attending.  34 members attended including:

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Armstrong, Commanding Officer

Colonel Brian Cox, HQ 11 Bde as the guest speaker.

A list of attendees is attached to these minutes.


3.                APOLOGIES

See list at end of these minutes.


4.                MINUTES

Minutes of previous AGM was tabled as per booklet.

Moved                         Garry Collins

Seconded                   David Ross



5.                PRESIDENT REPORT

The President presented his report      

a.                Activities for the year

1.       Xmas Function,

2.      Back to Regiment – deferred till QUR return to the depot

3.      Anzac Day,

4.      QURA presentation of prizes to staff cadets. February 2012 and July 2012


b.                Newsletter: Thanks to Peter Morton with the website management.


c.                Continued sales of QURA memorabilia – Slow but still going

(1)   History Sales              - only 30 remaining

(2)   Photo CD

(3)   Ties – 2 types now

(4)   Lapel Pins

(5)   Stubby Holders

(6)   Breast Badges

(7)   Cuff Links


d.             Membership:       Very slow but around the same as last year and chasing up.

Focus on the new graduates.


e.             Historical Preservation.

Continuing to be collected. President called for more items to be lent to QURA, especially photos. Sam Harrison and Barry Weller gave some items of interest.


f.             Thanks to all the executive members for work.


6.                FINANCIAL REPORT

Tabled as per booklet

Moved:         David Ross

Seconded:    Garry Collins


7.                   ELECTION OF OFFICERS

There were sufficient nominations for positions they were dealt all together. Secretary Treasurer to be combined into one responsibility. Auditor not required.






Trevor Luttrell

Trevor Luttrell


Colin Ahern

Colin Ahern


Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis


Bruce Davis

Bruce Davis


Peter Morton

Peter Morton


Trevor Luttrell

Trevor Luttrell


Trevor Luttrell

Trevor Luttrell


Peter Morton

Peter Morton


Trevor Luttrell

Trevor Luttrell


Trevor Luttrell

Trevor Luttrell


Garry Collins

Garry Collins


Greg Adams

Greg Adams


David Ross

David Ross


Judy Costello

Judy Costello

Moved:         Rod Hardaker    

Seconded:    Rod Hamilton

Motion Carried



a.     QURA to investigate the formations of  a “Trust” or constitutional change to move the ownership of museum items, items of historical interest, mess silver and the like to QURA. This is to protect the loss of items should QUR be disbanded or groups attempting to move items to other locations. This will not include weapons due to the problems with State weapons licenses for weapons. Executive Management Committee to seek advice from George Fryberg. Executive Management Committee authorized to take necessary action to arrange for the coverage of the items if interest.

b.      Presentation of ceremonial Sword by Chris Gladstone to QURA – Chris unfortunately could not make it – will present at another suitable time.

c.      Future AGM to follow the same format and be held at USC.

d.      History of QUR

                                                              i.     30 copies of old history left

                                                             ii.     Should action be taken to complete the history up to date

                                                           iii.     Work needs to be done. Talk to Rod Hamilton about how hard it is to get each CO to contribute

                                                           iv.     Addition publication of full reprint

                                                             v.     Format – book style, CD so others can print, CD allows for more photos

                                                           vi.     Talk to Army History Unit (they have lost a lot of funding)

                                                          vii.     Do we charge for the history even in CD form

                                                        viii.     Most comments say work on new history but try for electronic means

                                                           ix.     One respondent wants a “where are they now” collection?

e.     Members supported the donation to QUR for the support for the QUR Run team in the Bridge to Brisbane. $200

f.       Taking QURA/ RURQ and OCTU collections under our wing. We have items already. All say initiate positive management. Several will contribute $ towards establishing the collection. Several ex RURQ and OCTU CO have fully supported concept and have promised $ and time to help. Need to contact 25 RQR museum to see if any was sent their way.

g.      Chap Eacott retiring at end of year. Defence Princal Chap was asking for contributions from mates and friends on his military service.



Commanding Officer presented “The Current Status of the Regiment.”  QUR was moving back into the depot 8 September 2012. The Commanding Officer spoke of the many courses for which QUR is responsible. There would be an increased number of graduating OCDT in December 2012.



Colonel Brian Cox gave a very well researched and amusing presentation on the future of QUR in the new structure of Operation Beersheba


 Meeting closed at 2145 hours.



The following Financial Statement was presented


Queensland University Regiment Association

Financial Report

1 July 2011 - 30 June 2012





Balance 1 July 2011                                                                        


Income                                                                     2011/12                      2010/11

Interest                                                                                              0.24                                  18.52                    

Annual General Meeting (some incl in previous period)  2800.00                              1959.00

Membership                                                                                500.00                                390.00

Retail Sales                                                                                  240.00                                  22.50

Back to the Regiment/Xmas                                                       Nil                                      140.00

Badges in Uni Qld Great Court                                                  Nil                                   2440.00

Donations General                                                                        20.00                                  10.00

Re-Investments (See Investments below)                                Nil                                    4000.00

TOTAL                                                                    3560.24                      8831.02     



Annual General Meeting                                                         2691.00                              2075.00     

Xmas Function                                                                            365.00                                550.00

Back to the Regiment                                                                  Nil                                      488.48

Re-Investments (See Investments Above/Below)                   Nil                                    10000.00

Administration (Postage, Incorporated Fees)                         118.09                                167.70

Prizes presented to Staff Cadets                                                Nil                                      480.00 (From stock)

Retail Sales                                                                                  448.20                                 Nil

Membership (refund duplicate payment)                                 70.00                                 Nil           

Badges in Uni Qld Great Court                                                  Nil                                   5000.00

TOTAL                                                                   3692.29                     18761.18


Surplus /Deficit                                                                         (132.05)                         9930.46


BALANCE                                                              2317.04                       2449.09


Cash Book Reconciliation

Balance 1 July 2011                                                                2449.09                                      

Plus Income                                                                               3560.24                                      

Less Expenditure                                                                      3692.29                                      

Balance                                                                                      2317.04                                      



Bank Reconciliation

Balance in Bank 30 June 2012                                               2317.04                              2449.09

Plus Outstanding Deposits                                                         Nil                                       Nil

Less Unpresented Cheques                                                        Nil                                       Nil

Balance                                                                                      2317.04                              2449.09


Queensland University Regiment Association

Financial Report

1 July 2011 - 30 June 2012





Investment No 1                                                   10287.59                            4 months

Interest                                                                     415.08

TOTAL                                                                 10702.67





General                                                                   2317.04

Investment                                                           10702.67                             


TOTAL                                                                 13019.71                             



























Mr Rob Cavaye  






























































































































































































































































































The following pictures were taken at the 2012 AGM/Dinner


Table decorations at the 2012 AGM/Dinner (provided by Trevor Luttrell)
From left, Rob Cavaye, Ian Bunce and Sgt Elona Drain  captivated with the President's report
President Trevor Luttrell delivering his report to the AGM - is the head scratch a give away to the figures contained in the financial report??
Trevor Luttrell striking a regal pose when delivering the President's report but Rod Hamilton (left) and Denis Luttrell look like they need a bit more convincing!!
From the right, David Bates-Smith, Brad Shillig, Wayne Barclay, Rod Hardaker and Sam Harrison during the sumptuous AGM dinner
San-Joe Tan (left) mesmerized with Michael Bond's estimate of ????
Neil Heather (left) with Ian Harding who has finally made it to an AGM
CO QUR, LTCOL Mark Armstrong addressing the AGM about developments at QUR during 2012
COL Brian Cox delivering the 2012 AGM after dinner speech.  COL Cox gave an interesting (and quite humerous) talk on where QUR fits into the new structure of Operation Beersheba


2012 Christmas Drinks


The Annual Christmas Drinks are on again.  As usual, we have reserved a corner in the beer garden at the Victory Hotel, Cnr Charlotte and Edward Streets in the CBD.  Drinks start after 5.30pm till ??  Please come along for a couple of drinks after work.  Partners welcome. 


If you know of any former members of QUR that have been part of QURA or might like to join, please invite them along.


The Association will provide some hot & cold finger food.  However, members will be required to purchase their own drinks.


To help with catering, please email an RSVP 


RSVP 3 Dec 12

EMAIL reply to the membership Registrar
(Peter Morton ).

Name: ________________________________________________________________

  • I will be attending the Association’s Christmas Drinks to be held at the Victory Hotel, Cnr Charlotte and Edward Streets, Brisbane on the evening of Thursday 6 December 2012 after 1730 hours.

  •  I regret that I am unable to attend.




Correspondence from Members


Listed below is some of the correspondence received since the last Newsletter.  These emails are reproduced here for entertainment and also to keep members informed of other members movements, etc.


Please note:  QURA receives emails/letters from time to time requesting contact details of members.  The current policy is if a fellow member requests contact with another member, the contact details are given without contacting the relevant member. 

Where contact is requested by a non-member, the contact is referred to the individual member to follow up the contact if they so desire.



From:- John Hammond


To:- Trevor Luttrell

Subject:-  Last Moments of an FA-18


Incredible photos from last Friday's accident in Canada (Lethbridge, Alberta).

Check out the sequence of the canopy leaving the scene, the pilot in his

rocket-powered seat coming out, the parachute opening sequence, and

the separated seat falling away. Modern technology at its best.

All of this happened in about two seconds from canopy off to the fireball.

Smoke is from the canopy rocket motors.


There he goes! So that's what the striped handle does!

The left engine has the nozzle fully open, showing that #1 engine was

developing no power.

The white thing is the seat-stabilazing drogue chute..

Notice the pilot’s head pinned to his chest from the severe “g” forces produced

by the solid rocket motors in the ACES II seat.

They burn for about 2/10ths of a second . . enough time to propel him at least

60 feet clear of the aircraft. Hellova ride.


One millesecond from eternity for a beautiful FA-18.

The now-unoccupied ejection seat following the aircraft to glory.

The moment-of-impact photo shows flame shooting out of the

left engine . . its “last gasp”.

There goes the seat above the fireball.

The pilot will be downing his first of several shots within the hour,

soon as his hands stop shaking.


And The Pilot Lived Happily Ever After!!








From:- Trevor Luttrell


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-   Senior and Computers

 As we 
Silver Surfers know, sometimes we have trouble with our computers.  

  I had a problem yesterday, so I called Eric, the 11 year old next door, whose bedroom looks like Mission Control and asked him to come over.

  Eric clicked a  couple of buttons and solved the problem. As he was walking  away, I called after him, 'So, what was wrong?  

  He replied, 'It was  an ID ten T error.'

  I didn't want to  appear stupid, but nonetheless inquired,

'An, ID ten T error?  What's that? In case I need to fix it  again.'

  Eric grinned ... 'Haven't you ever  heard of an ID ten T error before?

'No,' I replied.

  'Write it down,' he said, 'and I think you'll figure it out.' 

  So I wrote down:

> ID10T
 I used to like Eric, the little s#^t head.




From:- Bruce Davis


To:- Trevor Luttrell

Subject:-  Ponderisms


I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes.

Gardening Rule: When weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.

The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

There are two kinds of pedestrians: the quick and the dead.

Life is sexually transmitted.

Health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

Health nuts are going to feel stupid someday, lying in hospitals dying of nothing.

Have you noticed since everyone has a phone camera these days no one talks about seeing UFOs like they used to?

Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

In the 60's, people took acid to make the world weird.  Now the world is weird and people take Prozac to make it normal.

How is it one careless match can start a bush fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here, and drink whatever comes out?"

Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken there? I'm gonna eat the next thing that comes outta its bum.

Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?

If quizzes are quizzical, what are tests?

Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet Soup?

Did you ever notice that when you blow in a dog's face, he gets mad at you, but when you take him on a car ride, he sticks his head out the window?

Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle?



From:- Rod Hardaker


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  British Troops Support Price Harry

From the scorching front line in Afghanistan

to rain-swept barracks home in the UK,

thousands of British soldiers have stripped off

in support of Prince Harry's Vegas romp.




Dare we say -- Guns 'n' Poses?



Three lads and their helmets --




Camouflaged privates?








From:- Donna-Lee Greaves


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  Brothers Day


You may have served in Combat or in non-combat.
You may have retired out or you may have served for a short time.
You may have been a draftee or a volunteer.
You may have served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard or the Merchant Marines, Police Force over the world

BUT YOU SERVED.  YOU DID YOUR JOB HONORABLY and for that I am PROUD to call you Brother.

You may have served during WWII, Korea, Malaya,  Confrontation, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Iraq or Afghanistan, but you served, you did not run.
You have a Discharge Certificate with those words "HONORABLY DISCHARGED" two of the most noble words in the world.
Again I am proud to know each and every one of you.

*Today is Band of Brothers' Day*; send this to all your brothers, fathers, sons and fellow veterans you know.  Happy Brothers' Day!

To the cool men that have touched my life: Here's to you!  I was never a hero, but I am thankful and proud to have served among them.

A real Brother walks with you when the rest of the world walks on you.




From:- John Fredrick Leditsche


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  Re Len Eacott Retiring



Dear Peter,

Greetings and salutations.

There can not be too many in the Armed Forces who rise thru the ranks to be a Major, then drop to rank of Captain as they become a Chaplain and then rise again to become a Lt Colonel and Bishop of the Armed forces.

I last met Len at Ypres and we had a photo in the Order Of Aust bulletin with the 80+ year old bugler wearing his OAM that someone had presented to him as the bugler of Last Post at Menin Gate for around 50 years.

Ask Len for the photo should you want it. I have no jokes re Len to add.

He was a great asset to the Army with his skill and compassion for he lost a son with Leukaemia.


Cheers and all the best to you and yours

from Fred ex QUR and 2 Field Hosp OC THeatre



From:- Wies Fajzullin

To:-  Peter Morton

Subject:-  Re: Aussie SAS




PERTH - An SAS trooper collecting toys for children was stabbed when he helped  stop a suspected shoplifter in east Perth . 

The 'Toys-R-Us' Store Manager told 'The West Australian' that a man was seen on
 surveillance cameras last Friday putting a laptop under his jacket at the store. 

When confronted, the man became irate, knocked down an employee, pulled a knife
  and ran toward the door.
Outside were four SAS Troopers collecting toys for the "Toys For Tots" program. 

Smith said the Troopers stopped the man, but he stabbed one of them, in the back.
The cut did not appear to be severe. 

The suspect was transported by ambulance to the Royal Perth Hospital with two
  broken arms, a broken leg, possible broken ribs, multiple contusions and assorted  lacerations including a broken nose and jaw...
Injuries he apparently sustained when he tripped whilst trying to run after the stabbing.

One of the Troopers said, "He was a clumsy bastard."




From:- Paul; Spencer


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  F35S Carrier Quals



This video link is fresh (for the public).  It was made just six weeks ago in the Atlantic, just off Newport News (Hampton Roads), Virginia.

These are the latest sea trials of the F-35B on the USS Wasp. They were very successful, with 74 VL's and STO's in a three week period.

The media and the program critics had predicted that we would burn holes in the deck and wash sailors overboard. Neither of which happened. You will notice a sailor standing on the bow of the ship as the jet rotates.

That was an intentional part of the sea trials.

No catapult...    No hook....    It's a new world out there!

The shape and scope of warfare worldwide just changed.

Click your mouse here:  F-35B

Description: cid:EE775D0BDC574574A0B3B960033EF1F3@OwnerMSIDescription: cid:2B505910251B4612959F76132FE4AC3F@OwnerMSIDescription: cid:809EE8C07A994EBBA08855B3BC1ED1E4@OwnerMSI




From:- John Hammond


To:- Trevor Luttrell

Subject:-  The Bone Yard


The Bone Yard‚ near Davis Monthan Air Force Base - Tucson , Arizona USA 

- Each one of these once had a multi-million dollar price tag! 

For those of you that have never seen this, it is something to see. 
The precision in the way they are parked is impressive. 

It's difficult to comprehend the size of the 'Bone yard' and the number 
Of aircraft stored there. Of course the important thing to remember is 
That they are all capable of being returned to service if the need ever arises. 

(If you can find the parts, pilots and mechanics and the time).
"Those who beat their swords into plowshares will plow for those who did not."
(Thomas Jefferson)

If you are ever in the Tucson   area, the weekly tours of the bone yard 
Are still given through the Tucson Air Museum , located just south of Davis Monthan AFB. 

Both the museum and the bone yard are very popular attractions in the Arizona desert. 

It is difficult to comprehend the number of military 
Aircraft in dead storage until you see these photographs! 


The 3rd largest Air Force in the world is sitting on the ground here.






War Quotes


Never, never, believe any war will be smooth and easy.

Winston Churchill 1874-1965


You can’t say civilization won’t advance, however, for in every war they kill you a new way.

    Will Rogers 1879-1935


An ally has to be watched just like an enemy.

    Leon Trotsky 1879-1940


God shall see to it that war shall always recur, as a drastic remedy for ailing humanity.

    Heinrich von Treitschke 1834-1896


There never was a battle in which the consequences were so vast, so immediate and so permanent.

    Colonel Malleson, The Decisive Battles of India 1883, Battle of Plassey 23 June 1757


An old fashioned Virginia fox hunt, Gentlemen

    George Washington, Princeton 3 January 1977.


The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton.

    Duke of Wellington, 1815, attributed


The Crimean War is one of the bad jokes of history.

    Philip Guedalla, The Two Marshals, 1943, The Crimean War 1853-1856


What I dread is that Germany doesn’t know she is liked. Had they given us another week, we’d have taught them.

    John Pershing, 1918, in Donald Smyth, 1986


Since both are slaves to desperation the art of war and the art of the courtesan are sisters.

    Pietro Aretino, 1492-1556




Things to Think About


Hypodermics really get under my skin.


I couldn’t care less about indifference.


I’d give anything to be a philanthropist.


I’d give my right arm to be a concert pianist.


I’ve got my doubts about skepticism.


Keep your introspection to yourself.


Masochists need a good hiding.


Procrastinate now!


Sadism really cuts me up.


Smoking shortens your cigarettes.


Skinheads have more hair than brains.


Speech therapists are all talk.


There is no future in Existentalism.


He who hesitates is bossed.


The trouble with being punctual is that people think you have nothing more important to do.


There is a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.


Two wrongs can make a riot.


‘Virus’ is a Latin word used by doctors to mean ‘ your guess is as good as mine’.


You will never stub your toe standing still. The faster you go the more chance of stubbing your toe, but the more chance you have of getting somewhere.


Why are a wise man and a wise guy opposites?


You miss 100% of shots you don’t take.


Why are our days numbered and not, say, lettered?


Winning isn’t everything, but it beats anything that comes in second.


 You can always tell a Texan, but not much.











There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern.

    Samuel Johnson, 1709-1784


Happiness? That’s nothing more than health and a poor memory.

    Albert Schweitzer


A murderer is one who is presumed to be innocent until proven insane.


Ignorance of ignorance is the greatest ignorance.

    Lawrence J Peter


The trouble with the publishing business is that too many people who have half a mind to write a book do so.

    William Targ


He was so conceited it was beneath his dignity even to talk to himself.

    Shalom Greenberg


Too bad that people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxi cabs and cutting hair.

    George Burns


I am not sincere, not even when I say I am not.

    Jules Renard


I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since the invention of the funnel

    Malachy McCourt


Against logic there is no armour like ignorance.

    Laurence J Peter






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