February 2009
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Volume 21 Number 1

          February 2009

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Presidents Report

CO's Report

Update from the Honorary Colonel

Reorganization of University Regiments

Correspondence from Members

Biography of LTCOL Tim O'Brien

Back to the Regiment 2009 Photos from QURA Archives
War Quotes Things to Think About

Quotable Quotes

Photos from QURA Christmas Party

Functions in 2009

Membership Dues

QURA Office Bearers



President's Report


As usual, QURA conducted our Christmas get together in December with around 40 members attending the Grosvenor Hotel in the city. It was great to see members gathering to chat about old times.  It was nice that The CO and 2IC from the Regiment attended.  Some photos can be seen further in this newsletter.

QURA will again present awards for military excellence in the latest group of Staff Cadets graduating from Duntroon.  QURA will offer an introductory membership to all graduates.

The Back to the Regiment function will be conducted on Friday 6 March. Members from QURA join with members of the Regiment to have a drink, talk, and share a meal. It is a very relaxed function and is a pleasant way to finish a Friday after work. All QURA members and their friends are welcome and are encouraged to attend. The Regiment supports the function with the location and catering. We are greatly appreciative of the work which the members of the Regiment do.  Come, stay as long as you like.

QURA is still following the progress of any proposals by Army to change the structure of Army Bands.  So far not much has happened but QURA will be monitoring any decisions.  QURA has made representations to Army already.

It was a thrill to receive from Bill Beach a photo album complied by 1/21312 CAPT Graham (Alby) Wyatt ED at the first bivouac at Wacol Army Camp 1948.  Some of the photos have been included in this newsletter.  I encourage all members to search their possessions to locate any possible historical items from their time of service.  Why not spend 5 minutes sometime and write down a couple of memories which we can all share?  You don’t have you have your name published if you wish to remain anonymous due to any incriminating revelations.   We need to gather item of history.


I am sure all members of QURA join with me in congratulating Ian Bunce who was recognized in the Australia Day Honours and Awards List with the Medal (OAM) General Division.

“Dr Ian Hugh Bunce RFD ED, Ascot, Qld. For service to medicine in the field of haematology through clinical and administrative roles, and to the Leukaemia Foundation of Queensland”


This will be the last newsletter for LTCOL Jenny Cotton term as Commanding Officer. On behalf of the members of the Association, I wish offer thanks to Jenny for her period of command. Jenny has faced some difficult challenges in this time of great change and has successfully continued the battle to protect the Regiment.


Bill Beach has supplied us with newsletters from 1990 and 1991 and these can now accessed via the newsletter menu button.  It is envisaged that more of these old newsletters will be migrated to the QURA website as they become available.

I encourage all members to attend the Back to the Regiment on 6th March.




CO's Report February 2009

As my tenure as Commanding Officer comes to an end, I look back over the past two years with enormous pride and personal satisfaction.  There have been many challenges, many changes and many solutions to meet the challenges – but mostly it has been the quality and hard work of the staff of the Regiment that have allowed the Regiment to remain one of the premier University Regiments in Australia.  For example, in 2008, a QUR graduate was awarded the Peter Stuckey Award for Leadership in February – LT Tyson Brock and another in August – LT Ben Gvetnay.  This shows the quality of leadership and training by the staff of Jacka Company to ensure that Queensland receives high quality lieutenants on graduation.  There are currently another eight officer cadets at Duntroon as I write, who will graduate on 21 February and be posted into units in South Queensland.  The recent Logistic Audit conducted by external auditors on the compliance of the Regiment was rated as 90% - again with so few ARA staff and the work being picked up by PT staff at Training Support Company led by MAJ Rob Sawford indicates capability, dedication and loyalty by these support staff to get the job done.  I know that I have left the Regiment to the Commanding Officer designate – LTCOL Tim O’Brien, in the best possible condition for him to continue to build on over the next two years.

The Regiment has changed and grown into a Regional Training Battalion with a new role in training and developing soldiers, officer cadets and officers.  In the first two months of the year, the Regiment has conducted four 16 days courses for soldiers, drivers and officers and all courses have been highly successful – both in completion rates and instructor performance.  I congratulate the new QUR team in their efforts to ensure the highest quality of training.  The Regiment has also grown with 22 ARA staff to support the 120 ARES staff and 100 SCDTs.  I hope that you will take the time to meet some of them at the Back to the Regiment evening or Regimental Dinner in May.

On a personal note, I would like to publicly acknowledge the support of the Honorary Colonel, MAJGEN Pearn.  His guidance and assistance over the past two years have been invaluable and I hope that he will continue for another year.  I also thank my senior leadership team for the dedication and hard work.  I would be happy to serve with all of these officers at any time.  I also thank my husband, Geoff Brearley, who for the past two years has understood my need and love of the military to allow me so many days and nights to command the Regiment – often at short notice. His support as the COW (CO’s Wife) has been enormous.

I now look forward to joining the QUR Association as a Past CO and to continue my association with the Regiment for many years to come.  I believe that I have been - Par Oneri - Equal to the Task.

Jenny Cotton
Lieutenant Colonel
Commanding Officer
Queensland University Regiment



Update from the Honorary Colonel - MAGJEN Pearn








ReOrganization of University Regiments

The following excerpts from the November 2008 issue of  `SEQUEL`  are reproduced for members information


November 2008


From the Director…..COL Dave O’Hagan

Welcome to the last edition of SEQUEL for 2008 and my last as the Director as I complete my two-year posting. As the year and my posting draws to a close I want to firstly thank all formation and unit commanders and their staff for the support they have provided to APA-B in the achievement of our mission to provide effective officer and soldier career management services for the AR in South Queensland Region.

Graduates Celebrate Success

The Queensland University Regiment celebrated the commissioning of five Officer Staff Cadets from the Army Reserve General Service Officer First Appointment Course with a cocktail party on the 30th August 08.

To mark this significant milestone in the newly appointed Lieutenants’ careers, employers were also invited to attend the function. The occasion not only provided the opportunity to recognise the achievements of the Staff Cadets, but it also allowed the opportunity for the Regiment and the Defence Reserve Support Council to acknowledge the contribution of employers and to thank them personally for their continued support.

The graduates have been posted to the following units:

LT Benjamin Gyetvay -2nd Combat Engineers Regiment,

LT David Hornigold - 139 Signals Squadron

LT Carrie Miner—139 Signals Squadron

LT Steven Moye—9th Royal Queensland Regiment, and

LT Gordon Dunlop—2nd Health Support Battalion

LT Gyetvay was awarded the Peter Stuckey Mitchell Trust Award for the graduate who demonstrated the most effective leadership qualities during the First Appointment Course.

LT Dunlop was the recipient of the QURA award for the most improved Staff Cadet.


Officer Career Management Officer Career Management


This year we farewell LTCOL Michael Bond, SO1 OCM, who is posted as CO 9 RQR, and CAPT Rebecca Conway, SO3 Selection Boards, on posting to QUR. We wish them every success in the future. All other members of the OCM Section will remain for 2009.


The replacement for LTCOL Bond is LTCOL Nan Bahr RACMP whom some of you may recall was an OCM Career Adviser several years ago. Next year, in her civilian capacity, LTCOL Bahr becomes Assistant Dean (Teaching and Learning)/Associate Professor for the Faculty of Education at QUT. CAPT Conway has been replaced by CAPT Ray Berry who commenced duty at APA-B in July.

More Officer Changes - APA Brisbane 2009

LTCOL Iain Cruickshank, SO1 SCM, has been posted as DComd, HQ 7 Bde and promoted to Colonel. Congratulations on your well deserved promotion. He is being replaced by LTCOL David Thomae, currently CO 9 RQR. LTCOL Chris Austin, SO1 Ops/Plans, has been posted as SO1 CIMIC HQ 1 Div and is replaced by LTCOL Jenny Cotton currently CO QUR.

From the Ops/Plans Sect, MAJ James Baker RA Inf has been selected to attend ACSC (R ) and MAJ Gary Schulz AACC has received an offer to transfer back to the ARA. Majors Russell Jacob RACMP and James Gagen RA Sigs have been posted in to replace the departing officers.

Biographies for all of the new members of APA-B will appear in the first SEQUEL issue in 2009

Australian Command and Staff College (Reserve)

In addition to MAJ Baker, Majors Michael Thomas RA Inf, Rob Brennan RA Inf, Andrew Wheatley RAEME and Sharryn Cook RAAEC have been selected to attend the 2009 ACSC Reserve course. We wish these officers every success on the course.


A New Direction for the Queensland University Regiment

The Queensland University Regiment is in the process of preparing for its new role in 2009. With the successful transition from Training Command to Land Command the Regiment, as a unit of 11 Brigade, will assume a major role for both officer and soldier training in South East Queensland.

The Regiment’s new mission is:

QUR is to provide sustainable individual training to support the 11 BDE raise, train and sustain function as a part of 2 DIV contribution to Army’s operational capability.

Essentially the role of the Regiment is to be considerably expanded to provide directed individual training for soldiers and officers for the Hardened and Networked Army Reserve.

Officer Training is one task that will see the Regt become the Centre of Excellence for the Grade 3 and Grade 2 Staff Officers Course for Army Reserve and the High Readiness Reserve. These courses are part of the promotion courses required by Officers to eligible for promotion to captain and major respectively. These courses are currently run by LWC throughout Australia, components of which will be disbanded later this year. The Regiment will continue to run these courses in their current location at Gallipoli Barracks and will be supported by instructor teams from Monash, Sydney, Adelaide and Western Australia University Regiments.

A Soldier Training Team will be established which will be responsible for Infantry Initial Employment Training (IET) Modules One and Two and the training of the Ready Reaction Force (RRF). Driver Training (C2 and MR2) will see a revitalization of QUR’s own transport elements which will be conducted out of Witton Barracks.

The Regiment will continue with the Non-Continuous Army Reserve General Service Officer First Appointment Course (AR GSO FAC). Currently QUR has 91 Staff Cadets (SCDTs) undergoing training with a target to recruit another 35 in South East Queensland and 14 in Townsville.

The First Appointment Course (ARES) has just undergone a curriculum review. SCDTs are now required to successfully complete 5 residential training blocks to graduate as Lieutenants.

It will take between 14 to 24 months to complete the course. Continuous training blocks will be run by other University Regiments, with each taking carriage of a residential training block. The fifth training block will remain with RMC-D and will be supported by Sydney University Regiment. The Queensland University Regiment will continue to run non-continuous training to prepare SCDTs for each training block Two graduations per year are scheduled, one late February and the other in August. Graduation parades will no longer be conducted by RMC-D to mark the occasion. However, the Queensland University Regiment will conduct a graduation parade and an evening function to celebrate the occasion.

The Regiment will retain its headquarters at St Lucia. Witton Barracks will house Soldier and Driver Training as well as Admin Coy. The Officer Training will operate out of Gallipoli Barracks. The QUR Band will continue to train and perform with the 1st Field Regiment Band. QUR is actively recruiting musicians to ensure that they remain a viable component of the Regiment.

The Regiment's posted strength will expand from 256 to 273 including 100 Staff Cadets. Currently the unit has 6 ARA personnel. This will increase to 21.

LTCOL Tim O’Brien has been appointed as the incoming Commanding Officer and will assume command on 01 Mar 09. His current posting as Chief Instructor at LWC-SQ for the Grade 3 and Grade 2 Staff Officer Courses bodes well for the Regiment’s new role. Under the new structure the Regimental Sergeant Major’s (RSM) position will revert to being an ARA position. The Regiment will farewell its current RSM, WO1 Michael Cox, after just twelve months service and will welcome his replacement, WO1 Gregory Barron. The Second In Command, MAJ Kerry-Anne Tscherepko will continue in her current position for another twelve months.

As the Regiment positions itself for the changes ahead the future promises to be exciting, busy and challenging. The Regiment in its expanded role will not only have a major influence on the development of individual soldiers and officers in South East Queensland, but will contribute substantially to Army Reserve capability in the Hardened and Networked Army.






Correspondence from Members

Please note:  QURA receives emails/letters from time to time requesting contact details of members.  The current policy is if a fellow member requests contact with another member, the contact details are given without contacting the relevant member. 

Where contact is requested by a non-member, the contact is referred to the individual member to follow up the contact if they so desire.




From:- Brian Smith

To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  Re Back to the Regiment



G’day Peter,

I’m going to miss ‘Back to the Regiment’ this year, which is a bummer because it is one function that I really enjoy. We will be on our way to Adelaide via Tasmania...

I am definitely back for Anzac Day (and Camerone) so I will see you and all of my QUR mates at the dawn service and subsequent ‘gunfire breakfast’.

I picked up an interesting tale of valour and chivalry from WWII (about a bloke called ‘Charlie Brown’) while reading the Vancouver ‘Globe and Mail’ which I will convert to electronic form and send to you just in case you may want to use it in the QURA newsletter.

Kindest regards





From:- Ron Cox

To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  Re Back to the Regiment


Won't be there - still in New South Wales. They have given me a Regiment! I now command 12/16HRL.

 Give my regards to everyone.





From:- Bruce Davis

To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  My New Nail Gun


My new Nail Gun (made by Dewalt)






From:- David Freeman


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  Belated New year GreetingsQURA AGM and Dinner

Dear friends and colleagues from all over,

My apologies this message and attachment will reach you early in the new year from my defence account as opposed to from my other account before Christmas. The message and attachment is to wish you and your families a successful and happy 2009 as you all prepare to return to work.

The New Year greeting was supposed to be sent before Christmas but Optus after promising I could get wireless connectivity from the farm over the Christmas break, then after two weeks said I was in a 'red zone' and had no connectivity. Needless to say I am now with Bigpond.
I have only intermittently accessed my defence account over the Christmas break, and will not access it regularly during my civilian study in 2009. So if you wish to email me and contact me, I have new contact details below.

New personal details for 2009: to bring you up to date: last year the Army and my superiors have kindly recognised my ongoing study in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and this year have generously sponsored me to complete my PhD (full time) in the use of Force in Internal Armed Conflicts / Counter Insurgency Conflicts - case study Afghanistan etc etc .

Despite being enrolled in Sydney, I will remain living in Brisbane to be closer to my sons (Charles 10 yo and George 7 yo), and do my study by distance. I will work from the Law School at Uni of Qld, where I can cycle from Auchenflower to Uni to reduce greenhouse gases and appear to be environmentally aware!
The plan is to send drafts of my research via email and make regular trips to Sydney to meet with my PhD supervisor, so there will be plenty of late nights and resubmits!

D.H.G. Freeman
Lieutenant Colonel
Chief Legal Officer

Ist Division and Deployable Joint Force Headquarters



From:- Rod Hardaker


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  Given our slight discourse on Military items you might see something you have forgotten


These were sent to me by Adrian Cran (retired Lt-col, RA Inf).


Murphy’s Laws of Combat

Soldiers and Armies

  1. You are not Superman.

  2. Professionals are predictable, but the world is full of amateurs.

  3. No combat-ready unit has passed inspection.

  4. No inspection-ready unit has ever passed combat.

  5. The side with the fanciest uniforms loses.

  6. Murphy was a grunt.


  1. If you are short of everything except enemy, you're in combat.

  2. When both sides are convinced they are about to lose, they're both right.


  1. The important things are simple.

  2. The simple things are very hard.

  3. No plan survives the first contact intact.

  4. Prefect plans aren't.


  1. Don't look conspicuous, it draws fire.

  2. Never draw fire, it makes everyone around you nervous.

  3. Try to look unimportant; they may be low on ammo.

  4. Anything you can do can get you shot, including doing nothing.

  5. If the enemy is in range, SO ARE YOU!!!

  6. If you can't see the enemy, he still may be able to see you.


  1. If it's stupid but works, it's not stupid.

  2. When in doubt, empty the magazine.

  3. Never share a foxhole with anyone braver than you.

  4. If your attack is going really well, it's an ambush.

  5. The enemy diversion you are ignoring is the main attack.

  6. The easy way is always mined.

  7. When you have secured an area, don't forget to tell the enemy.

  8. Teamwork is essential. It gives the enemy others to shoot at.

  9. Make it too tough for the enemy to get in, and you can't get out.

  10. The only terrain that is truly controlled is the terrain upon which you're standing.

  11. The easy way generally gets you killed.

  12. If you take more than your fair share of objectives, you will have more than your fair share objectives to take.

  13. You can win without fighting, but it's a lot tougher to do. And the enemy may not cooperate.


  1. Ammo is cheap; your life isn't.

  2. It's easier to expend material in combat than to fill out the forms for Graves Registration.


  1. Always keep in mind that your weapon was made by the lowest bidder.

  2. The law of the bayonet says the man with the bullet wins.

  3. Tracers work both ways.

  4. The best tank-killer is another tank. Therefore tanks are always fighting each other... and have no time to help the infantry.

  5. Armoured vehicles are bullet magnets, a moving foxhole that attracts attention.

  6. All five-second grenades are three seconds.

  7. The bursting radius of a grenade is always one foot greater than your jumping range.

  8. If you can't remember, the claymore is pointed towards YOU.

  9. Recoilless rifles aren't.

Artillery and Bombing

  1. Suppressive fire won't.

  2. Final protective fire doesn't.

  3. Friendly fire isn't.

  4. Radios will fail as soon as you need fire support desperately.

  5. Incoming fire has the right-of-way.

  6. The only thing more accurate than incoming enemy fire is incoming friendly fire.

  7. If you are forward of your position, artillery will fall short.

  8. All-weather close support doesn't work in bad weather.

  9. Precision bombing is normally accurate within plus/minus one mile.

  10. Cluster bombing from B-25s and C-130s is very, very accurate. The bombs always hit the ground.


  1. Murphy was a logistician.

  2. Things that must be together to work, usually can't be shipped together.

  3. Radios will fail as soon as you need something desperately.

  4. Beer math is "2 beers x 37 men = 49 cases."


  1. Body count math is: two guerrillas plus one portable plus two pigs = 37 enemy in action.

  2. The enemy side always looks stronger, especially when they are firing at you, to both sides.

  3. The other side's weapons always seem to look better than you own.

  4. The noisiest weapons always appear to the most powerful.





From:- Bill Beach


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  Soldiers executed during WW1


A site on the internet that some of you may not be aware of is the one to the soldiers who were executed during WW1 by the different countries.  The site is:   www.shotatdawn.org.uk

 Interestingly, there is a memorial to these soldiers within the National Memorial Arboretum which is north of Birmingham in the UK.  Address for the NMA is:  www.thenma.org.uk


These are worth having a viewing







From:- Paul deighton

To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  QURA Christmas Drinks

Hello Peter,

I have just placed $40 into the QURA account for my membership for the next 4 years.

I noticed, in the current newsletter, the article about my course in China from the Air Force News. Did you just chance upon it? I did think of letting you know but in the end-of-year posting flurry, it slipped through the cracks.

I hope the drinks this Friday night go well. I do plan on getting to them one year.

Warm regards

Paul Deighton




From:- Ian Harding


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  QURA Christmas Party

Hi Peter,

I am yet to actually ‘sign up’ but intend to do so and did mention it to Dennis
Luttrell the other day. I have to give my apologies for Fri night as I will be parading at Amberley (I am OC 2WG of the Air Force Cadets which keeps me well and truly off the streets at night).

I will catch up in the new year.



AusFIC - Linking the Aviation Community



From:- Mick van Baarle


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  QURA Christmas Party

Hi Peter

Thanks for the invite. Unfortunately, I will be in Seoul on Friday so can’t make it. Anyway, have a drink for me and all the best for Christmas.

Kind regards



From:- Grant Purcell

To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  QURA November Newsletter


I hope this Email finds you and your family well.

I was able to take the opportunity to peruse this quarters online newsletter and discovered that I have been out of membership since last year.

I have just executed an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for the amount of $70.00 for the next 10 years from 2007.

These funds should appear in the account on Monday.

My apologises for the administrative glitch.

Please contact me if you have any queries.

Grant Purcell
Royal Australian Infantry



From:- Andrew See

To:- Trevor Luttrell

Subject:-  QURA Newsletter


Someone just contacted me to show me the photos of my father in the
lastest edition of the University Regiment Newsletter (Circa 1950s)
I am sure Dad will get a real thrill seeing these

Thanks and keep up the good work

Andrew See
Barrister at Law




From:- Bruce Davis


To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  Fact of the day




I like this, it makes sense don’t you think?




 What's the difference between a Commission and a Warrant???

When you Commission something,
you hope that it'll work,





When you Warrant something,
it's a guarantee that it works.







From:- Peter Sharwood

To:- Peter Morton

Subject:-  QURA November Newsletter


I just spent an enjoyable few minutes catching up on the newsletter.

One quote I really like is that one must always be aware of O'Toole's Law.

O'Toole's Law? " Murphy was an optimist"

I did though look at the "lost members". I hope some of this may help.

Dr John Cadden GP sometime traveller to Antarctica. Try (address supplied)
Maj Eric Gall
Try (address supplied)
Dr Jim Kyranis
Try (address supplied)
Dr Charles M Lilley
Try (address supplied)(I think maybe he went to Antarctica as well)
Colonel G R C (Rod) McLeod AO,RFD, ED
Try (address supplied)

I am not sure that you are aware that I was awarded an OAM in the Queens birthday list 2007 and I thought I was a paid up member. If not, please let me know if I owe you any money.

I regret as is often the case in the second week in December, I will be in the US attending a Society of Military Orthopaedic Surgeons' Meeting and thus must express an apology for the Christmas drinks.

I will miss the Back to the Regiment next year as well as I will be deployed in Afghanistan, Feb - April.




Biography - LTCOL Tim O'Brien (Incoming CO QUR)


Biography of Lieutenant Colonel Tim O'Brien


Tim O'Brien was born and raised in Brisbane, completing his secondary education at the Anglican Church Grammar School before attending the University of Queensland from 1983 to 1985, where he studied for a degree in Commerce.


Lieutenant Colonel O'Brien enlisted as a soldier in the Queensland University Regiment (QUR) in 1983, reaching the rank of Corporal before undertaking officer training. Upon graduating from QUR in 1988, he was allocated to the Royal Australian Artillery and was posted to 5/11 Field Regiment. From 1988 to 2000, he held a range of regimental appointments within 5/11 Field Regiment, and its successor Regiments, culminating in his posting as the Battery Commander of 41 st Field Battery, 1st Field Regiment, from 1998 to 2000 .


 Lieutenant Colonel O'Brien's training appointments include postings to the Regional Training Centre (South Queensland) as a tactics instructor and as the Senior Instructor of the Intermediate Staff Course during 2001 and 2002, and to the Land Warfare Centre (South Queensland) during 2008 where he held the appointment of Chief Instructor.


Lieutenant Colonel O'Brien's other staff appointments consist of postings to the Army Personnel Agency - Brisbane from 2004 to 2007, initially as the SOl Operations/Plans, and then as the SOl Soldier Career Management. During 2003, he attended the Australian Command and Staff College (Reserve) and graduated from that college in 2004.


Lieutenant Colonel O'Brien assumes command of the Queensland University Regiment in early 2009.


In his civilian life, Tim O'Brien is the Chief Financial Officer for Jellinbah Resources Pty Ltd, a privately owned coal mining company, based in Brisbane, with operations in Central Queensland. His professional qualifications include a Bachelor of Commerce, a Graduate Diploma in Corporate Finance and, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance. He is a Chartered Accountant, a Chartered Secretary and a Fellow of the Financial Services Institute of Australasia.


Tim O'Brien and his wife, Jenny, have two daughters, Meg and Elsie, aged seven and five. When time permits, he attempts to keep fit through running and cycling, and enjoys following most sports as a spectator. He plays golf poorly and irregularly, but enjoys it.






It's on again!!  The Queensland University Regiment has invited the Association to enjoy their hospitality at the Walcott St Depot on Friday the 6th March 2009.  The Regiment will also take this opportunity to farewell the current CO LTCOL Jenny Cotton.






This annual activity continues to be a highly successful social function for the Association


Association members and their guests are to RV in the Staff Cadets Mess (the old Standfast Club), at the Regiment’s St Lucia depot, for an evening of good cheer  with old comrades and new acquaintances from amongst the membership and those currently serving in QUR.


General Outline:

    The activity is to be conducted in 5 phases:

  •  Phase 1   Concentration

  •  Phase 2   Drinks and fellowship – some current equipment will be available for inspection

  •  Phase 3   Barbecue meal (and maybe a few brief words of welcome and appreciation)

  •  Phase 4   More drinks and the exchanging of yarns (some lies are permissible)

  •  Phase 5   Departure

Groupings and Tasks

    Groupings will be fluid and the task is to have a good time.

Co-ordinating Instructions

H Hour                 1800 hours (no problem if you can’t arrive till a little later)

Dress                     Smart casual but don’t worry about being overdressed if it’s convenient to come straight from the office.

Assembly Area    Ample parking is available in the depot grounds in Walcott Street.

 Administration and Logistics

  •  Cost            $25 per head (includes barbecue and some drinks)

  •  Payment    You can pay at the door or by direct debit

  •  RSVP         3 March. Please email/phone Peter Morton

  •  Drinks        Soft drinks will be available for those wishing to avoid alcohol

  •  Rations     The unit will be providing a gourmet barbecue

Command and Signals

  •  Executive Committee HQ will be located adjacent to the bar

  •  Name tags will be available showing the vintage of your QUR service.

Come along and enjoy a drink and catch up with old friends of QUR and meet some new members of the Association.


Please RSVP by 2nd March 09 for catering purposes 

email reply to  Peter Morton

Name: ________________________________________________________________

  • I will be attending the Association’s Annual Back to the Regiment Function to be held at the Walcott St Depot on the evening of Friday 6 March 2009 starting at 1800 hours.

  •  I regret that I am unable to attend.  Please tender my apology.





Photos from QURA Archives


The following photos are some of the photos that QURA has stored in archives.  If you have any photos that you think may be of interest to members, please email or send on a CD to Trevor Luttrell


These photographs of the first bivouac at Wacol Army Camp 1948 were presented in an album to QUR by 1/21312 CAPT Graham (Alby) Wyatt ED .



John Freney, Cedric Axelson (standing), Ross Bennett, Alby Wyatt, Phil Thompson, Guy Ethell, Jim See, Pat Shanahan

Wallace Brown, Peter Birla, John Pozzi
Zeroing the Sights at the Wacol
Mini Range

Left to Right
Peter Birla, Alby Wyatt,
Alex Freeleagus, Alf Garone,
Harry Johnson ARA


Weapon Instruction from John Pozzi

Standing – Alf Garone , Sam Harrison
Sitting – Frank Aylmer, Alby Wyatt

No 1 Platoon

Back Row- Lindsay Tomkins, Bill Catchpoole, Peter Birla, Alex Freeleagus, LT John Scanlon, Alf Garone, Sam Harrison, John Pozzi Sgt Jim See
Front Row
John Freney, Ross Bennett, Guy Ethell, Graham (Alby) Wyatt, Phil Thompson, C Edric Axelson, Pat Shanahan

No 2 Platoon

Back Row – Charlie Kerr, ‘Goo’ Waring, Clive Robertson, ‘Nobby’ Bourne, Lt Jim Dunne, Brian Thomason, - Battaglene, Sal Vitale
Front Row – John George, John Jameson, Peter Hollingsworth



War Quotes

Sayings from all over the world.

Attack is the best defence ENGLAND
Those who run away will fight again GREECE
It’s easier to hold a fort when it’s not attacked USA
Many lose when they win, and others win when they lose GERMANY
One does not lose by asking the way CHINA
Pride goes before a fall ENGLAND
Don’t show a hyena how well you can bite KENYA


It is war that shapes peace, and armament that shapes war.
John Frederick Charles Fuller 1878-1966

There is a war going on at the present moment. What does it signify? It signifies that several millions of sleeping people are trying to destroy several millions of other sleeping people. This would not do this of course, if they were to wake up.
George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, 1874 -1949

The nation that secures control of the air will ultimately control the world.
Alexander Graham Bell, 1874 -1922

There is always a raw and intolerant nation eager to destroy the tolerant and mellow.
Cyril Connolly, 1903-1974

In Italy for thirty years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, bloodshed – they produced Michangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly love, five hundred years of democracy and peace, and what did they produce? The cuckoo clock!
(George) Orson Welles 1915- 1985


Things to Think About


The least successful target practice.
As part of a training exercise off Portsmouth in 1947, the destroyer , HMS Saintes, was required to fire at a target pulled across its bows by the tug Buccaneer. It fired a shell, missed the target and sank the tug.





In 1983 QUR purchased 100 stable belts from the Imperial Pipe Company, Pakistan. On 28 December 2008 an email was received from that same company, and the same owner!!



The Weapon that was too secret.

The Franco- Prussian War is mainly notable for the introduction of the most secret weapon ever. The Mitrailleuse machine gun was the first of its kind and French officers confidently expected to rout the enemy forces.
However, so great was the secrecy surrounding the new weapon that no instructions were issued as to how to work it until the first day of the war in 1870 by which time the men at the front had other things to occupy them!


A WOMAN was flying from Seattle to San Francisco . Unexpectedly, the plane was diverted to Sacramento along the way. The flight attendant explained that there would be a delay, and if the passengers wanted to get off the aircraft the plane would re-board in 50 minutes.

Everybody got off the plane except one lady who was blind. The man had noticed her as he walked by and could tell the lady was blind because her Seeing Eye dog lay quietly underneath the seats in front of her throughout the entire flight.

He could also tell she had flown this very flight before because the pilot approached her, and calling her by name, said, 'Kathy, we are in Sacramento for almost an hour. Would you like to get off and stretch your legs?' The blind lady replied, 'No thanks, but maybe Buddy would like to stretch his legs.'

Picture this:

All the people in the gate area came to a complete standstill when they looked up and saw the pilot walk off the plane with a Seeing Eye dog!

The pilot was even wearing sunglasses. People scattered. They not only tried to change planes, but they were trying to change airlines!

True story... Have a great day and remember...




Quotable Quotes


A dividend is a centum, per annum, perhaps.

Economic forecasters are forthright. They manage to get one in four right.

If only philanthropists would give it back to the same people they took it from.

Now is the time to be frugal at any cost.

A fool and his money were lucky to get together in the first place.

Money isn’t everything. It isn’t even enough.

Money used to talk. Now it goes without saying.

Money doesn’t go as far as it used to, yet it goes faster.

There are many things money can’t buy, including what is used to.


(Editors note: if anyone has any books with quotes/ proverbs/ sayings related to war/ conflict etc we would like a photocopy so we can use them as interesting fillers in the newsletter.)



Photos from QURA Christmas Party December 2008


The following photos were taken as members enjoyed the QURA Christmas Drinks held at the GROSVENOR Hotel on 12th December 2008.


LTCOL Jenny Cotton (CO QUR) chatting with LTCOL Michael Bond


LTCOL Paul Smith (with the usual Friday night pose) talking to Andrea (partner of Ian Wilson).

Bill Beach posing as a `father figure` to a some what downcast LTCOL Ian Wilson who finally managed to coincide a trip to Brisbane with a QURA function.



QUR 2IC MAJ Kerry Tscherepko with partner Shane Connor.


Frank Van Schagen and Graham Cannell catching up over a beer.
Nic Dubravcic (centre) intrigued with the discussion between Garry Collins (animated English Master) and Supreme Court Judge George Fryberg.
Chris Backstrom (left) catching up with fellow truckie and now Sunshine Coast playboy Peter Williams.


Col Ahern (centre) trying to muscle in on the food table that LTCOL Ross Williamson (right) and Peter Morton thought they had reserved.





Back to the Regiment          Friday 6 March 2009
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Christmas Function             Friday 4 December 2009 - 5.30 PM (TBC)




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