February 2004
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Volume 16 Number 1

          February 2004


President's Report

It was pleasing to see members supporting the Christmas function at the Victory Hotel. Some new members attended and others represented a wide range of eras.

The Committee was pleased to see some members purchase copies of the History of QUR for Christmas but we would still like to sell more.  Should you wish to purchase one, just call any of the members of the Executive listed on the back of the newsletter.


We are still striving to encourage more ex QUR members to join the Association so we would ask for your support. Please pass on to any of us the name of any QUR member so we can assist them to join.


This newsletter is the first one to be sent by EMAIL to those who have supplied their EMAIL address. For members who do not have an EMAIL, the newsletter will continue to be posted. We are attempting to maximize the EMAIL delivery to save us the expense of postage.


If you received this newsletter by mail, but also have an EMAIL address, we would ask you to allow us to use that EMAIL address. Please send it to: peteramorton@bigpond.com.


The Association has continued its commitment to providing academic prizes to the graduating classes. The presentation of the prizes for the class in 2003 will take place soon.


I look forward to seeing you at the Back To The Regiment evening.


Trevor Luttrell


A reminder of forthcoming activities:

Back to the Regiment             5 March (see further detail later in the newsletter)

Anzac Day                                 25 April

Regimental Dinner                  8 May (ex officers will be invited to attend)

AGM                                          17 September

Christmas Drinks                    26 November.

Please write these into your diary.



ANZAC Day Observance

Arrangements for participation by Association Members at the QUR ceremony will be the same as last year:


Venue: Toowong RSL monument in Memorial Park, Sylvan Road, Toowong & later at the Walcott Street Depot


0600                   QUR contingent forms up in assy area

0630-0715         Service

0730                   Gunfire Breakfast at Standfast Club


Association members are invited to attend the service and the subsequent Gunfire Breakfast at Walcott Street.  Members of the Regiment and members of the public will be invited and this is an excellent opportunity to renew acquaintance.  Both the QUR Association and the Toowong RSL contribute to the costs of the Breakfast so please come along.


QUR Regimental Dinner


Venue:              Cromwell House, St Lucia Campus, University of Queensland

Date:                 8th May

Timings:            To be advised

Cost:                 $50.00


QURA has been asked to notify ex officers of the above function.  Please ensure your QURA address details are correct as the regiment will be inviting these members using the Association’s membership register.  Contact Peter Morton – Ph 3425 3060, email peteramorton@bigpond.com if you wish to check your details. 


Honours and Awards

The Association congratulates Major Pat O'Keefe who was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in the Civil Division of the Queen's Birthday Honours List in 2003.

The award was in recognition of Pat's long and honorary service to various charities and the Army Reserve.



Answered by its Commandant, Colonel Garry Chandler


There are those of us who remember the 1st Training Group, at Sanananda Barracks, Wacol.


I am often asked what is the Regional Training Centre, (South Queensland) and what is its relationship to the familiar concept of a Training Group.


At the risk of boring people with history, it is helpful to remember what 1st Training Group (1 Trg Gp) looked like and what it did. 


Until 1 December, 1999 1 Trg Gp was:


A Formation commanded by a Reserve Brigadier.


The Formation consisted of the following Units each commanded by a Reserve Lieutenant Colonel:


   Command & Staff Wing (formerly RCSC)


   RURQ (formerly QAC Trg Unit)  and

   Regimental Trg Wing

Of course there was a headquarters element, including a substantial quartermaster facility and a well-equipped and staffed RAP.


The 1 Trg Gp functions were:

a. the provision of Pre-Commissioning Trg (QUR, OCTU, and RURQ each catering for a different clientele)

b. promotion trg for officers (C&SW)

c. recruit trg (RTW)

d. soldier promotion courses (RTW

e. specialist courses such as clerical, driving, catering, storemen (RTW).


Post- Trg Gp changes


On 1 December, 1999 the Regional Training Centre (South Queensland) was raised at Wacol, and 1 Trg Gp passed into history.


On 1 December, 2000 RTC (SQ) moved to Enoggera, where it remains today.  Sanananda Barracks is quietly rotting, awaiting a decision on its eventual sale.


The position of Reserve Brigadier passed for a time to the command of all RTCs and the training establishment at Canungra, with his HQ at Kokoda Barracks, Canungra.  This Reserve Brigadier position has now been lost from SE Queensland.


The Lieutenant Colonel command positions of OCTU, RURQ, and RTW were lost, along with the many Lieutenant Colonel command positions of the 7th Brigade when it was amalgamated with the 6th Brigade.  The Reserve Brigadier position from 7th Brigade has also been lost from SE Queensland.


As at 1 January, 2004 RTC (SQ) is: 

A Unit commanded by a Reserve Colonel.


The RTC in South Queensland is one of eight RTCs (NT, NQ, NSW, Vic, Tas, SA, and WA are the others) in a Formation commanded by a Regular Brigadier whose HQ is at Kokoda Barracks. 


Each RTC is commanded by a Reserve Colonel, for the moment.  There is no commitment to continue this command arrangement beyond the posting of the incumbents, particularly in the centres apart from Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne,


Structure of RTC (SQ)


There are three Wings, two of them with a Reserve Lieutenant Colonel as Chief Instructor, the other commanded by a Reserve Major.


The HQ includes a Regular Lieutenant Colonel as Deputy Commandant, three Regular Majors as SO2s, a Regular Captain as Adjutant, and a Regular RSM.


The courses delivered by the two instructional Wings include:

   Subj 1 for CPL both ARA & ARES

   Subj 1 for SGT for ARES

   Specialist Courses such as driving

   Completion of the RMC course for LT

   Promotion Course for CAPT & Major


RTC (SQ) has an impressive instructional facility, including simulation of small arms firing, night training, and tactical operations. Officer training is provided in conjunction with Command, Staff, and Operations Wing at Canungra.



FRIDAY 5/3/2004




This annual activity continues to be a highly successful social function for the Association


Association members and their partners and guests are to RV in the Standfast Club, the soldiers’ club at the Regiment’s St Lucia depot, for an evening of good cheer with old comrades and new acquaintances from amongst the membership and those currently serving in QUR.


General Outline:   The activity is to be conducted in 5 phases:

    Phase 1       Concentration

    Phase 2       Drinks and fellowship – some current equipment will be available for inspection

    Phase 3       Barbecue meal (and maybe a few brief words of welcome and appreciation)

    Phase 4       More drinks and the exchanging of yarns (some lies are permissible)

    Phase 5       Departure


Groupings and Tasks                    Groupings will be fluid and the task is to have a good time.


Co-ordinating Instructions

H Hour               1800 hours (no problem if you can’t arrive till a little later)

Dress                  Smart casual but don’t worry about being overdressed if it’s convenient to come straight from the office.  

Assembly Area                Ample parking is available in the depot grounds in Walcott Street.

Administration and Logistics

    Cost            $15 per head (includes barbecue and most drinks) - $10 for current unit members.

    Payment      Send a cheque with your reply form or you can pay at the door.

    RSVP         24 February.  Please reply to Peter Morton (email peteramorton@bigpond.com or Ph 3425 3060 (Hm)

    Drinks         A fruit punch & soft drinks will be available for those wishing to avoid alcohol.

    Rations        The unit Catering Section will be providing a gourmet barbecue.

Command and Signals


1.      Executive Committee HQ will be located adjacent to the bar.

2.      Name tags will be available showing the vintage of your QUR service.








Reply Details for Back to the Regiment Night - Fri 5 Mar 04



Name: _________________________________________________


Period of Service in QUR      From: ____________ to ______________ (eg 1965-1968)


Yes I will be attending!  The number of people in my party will be: _____________________


My cheque (payable to QUR Association) for $ ___________ is enclosed.

(Cost is $15 per head which includes barbecue and most drinks - $10 for current unit members)



Please email the above details by 24 February to:- peteramorton@bigpond.com



Association Office Bearers


Position Name Bus Hrs A/Hrs e-mail
President Trevor Luttrell 3420 2557 0407 143 289 trevor.luttrell@qed.qld.gov.au
Vice President Paul Smith 3221 1275 0417 629 885 psmith@qldbar.asn.au
Immediate Past President Jane Warrington 3292 7533 0409 727 121 jwarrington@claytonutz.com
Secretary Malcolm Heather 3227 6342 3256 2557 malcolm.heather@nrm.qld.gov.au
Assistant Secretary (2IC) David Thomae 3211 4588   thomae@qldbar.asn.au
Treasurer Andrew Luttrell 3225 8349 3217 7424 andrew.luttrell@nrm.qld.gov.au
Membership Secretary Peter Morton 3406 6820 3425 3060 peteramorton@bigpond.com
Newsletter Editor Garry Chandler 3273 5303 0412 643 850 wellesley@uq.net.au
Committee Members Greg Adams 3325 2700 0418 744 678 g.adams@bigpond.com
  Col Ahern 3896 9510 3278 1862 col.ahern@nrm.qld.gov.au
  Garry Collins 3872 1244 3359 5993 gcoll5@eq.edu.au
  David Ross 3227 6974 0402 904 204 David.Ross@uq.net.au
  Barry Schmidt 3832 2800 3832 2800 mukurta@bigpond.net.au
  Mal Try 3227 6259   mal.try@env.qld.gov.au


End of Newsletter