February 2003
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Volume 15 Number 1


February 2003



President's Report

 Xmas Drinks

It was pleasing to see the good roll-up of members who braved the somewhat inclement weather to attend the Association’s Christmas Drinks function held at the Victory Hotel in the city on the evening of 29 November last year.  There was a good variety of vintages of service in the Regiment and a great opportunity to get to know some more of the members.  The proverbial good time was had by all and Col Ahern is apparently claiming the honour of being the last member to withdraw from the position.

Program of Activities

It is intended to continue the same pattern of activities as was in place last year.  These are detailed below and inside the newsletter.  The first is the ever popular Back to the Regiment Night and I look forward to seeing many of you parading at the Walcott Street Depot on that occasion.

Jane Warrington.


Warning Order

Members are asked to note these activities in their diaries.

Fri 21 Mar  Back to the Regiment Night (see inside for details)

Fri 25 Apr  ANZAC Day (see below)

Sat 10 May  Regimental Dinner (NB an Officers Mess rather than an Association function)

Fri 12 Sep  AGM Dinner

Fri 28 Nov  Association Christmas drinks


ANZAC Day Observance

It is anticipated that arrangements for QUR participation will be the same as last year:

Venue: Toowong RSL monument in Memorial Park, Sylvan Road, Toowong & later at the Walcott Street Depot


0600     QUR contingent forms up in assy area

0630 - 0715     Service

0730     Gunfire Breakfast at Standfast Club

Association members are cordially invited to attend the service and the subsequent Gunfire Breakfast at Walcott Street to which the Association contributes along with the Toowong RSL.




Question: What does this photo have to do with QUR?  Is it perhaps the proposed new depot?  See inside for the answer


Serving Members on the Move

 Former CO, Colonel Garry Chandler, is the new Commandant of the RTC (Regional Training Centre) South Queensland located at Gallipoli Barracks Enoggera.  This organization replaced the Training Group that used to occupy part of Sanananda Barracks at Wacol.  In addition, Wayne Lynch, the immediate past CO has recently been promoted to full Colonel to head up an organization which rejoices in the acronym CIMIC, the Civil Military Co-operation Unit.  We’ll endeavour to feature an explanation of this new unit’s detailed role and tasks in the next edition.  Hearty congratulations to both these members of the Association.


 From the CO’s Desk


                CO’s Sitrep

Training Activities

The summer has been quite a challenging period for the Regiment.  Between December and mid-February the Regiment delivers eight weeks of continuous training.  This generally requires a commitment of two or more weeks from the majority of the unit.  This summer has been complicated by staff shortages throughout the formation, RMC-A.  Members of  the Regiment have given an exemplary effort to ensure that all training has been delivered.

Currently, in training at Gallipoli Barracks are seventy Staff Cadets, thirty of which are from QUR.  The course staff are principally from QUR with additional staff from SUR, North Queensland Company and RMC.  There are eighteen Staff Cadets at RMC who should graduate on 15 February 2003.

Change of Command

LTCOL Ross Williamson will be attending the graduation and the RMC-A Bi-annual Training Seminar with me in preparation for his assumption of command on 1 March 2003.  On leaving QUR, I will take command of the Assessment Teams in the to-be-raised Civil Military Co-operation Unit (the commander of which is COL Wayne Lynch).  CIMIC promises to be an exciting challenge to produce a capability that the ADF has usually delivered somewhat ad hoc.

Once again, I thank the Association for its continued support and wish all members the best for the future.  I look forward to seeing all at the forthcoming functions.


Lieutenant Colonel Peter Jeffrey

 Commanding Officer


Where are they now?

Pictured above are newsletter editor Garry Collins (left) and Major Terryl McGeever (right).  Terryl was successively OC Training Company and 2IC QUR in the late 1980s.  A former cavalryman, an always entertaining raconteur, a bon vivant, and an enthusiastic (?) participant in annual fitness tests, Terryl did much to add a touch of class to things in his time as PMC of the Officers Mess.  Since retiring from the Department of Trade, Terryl has moved to Tasmania where he is now the proprietor of “The Pub in the Paddock” at Pyengana in the north east of the island.  As well as being close to the picturesque St Columba Falls, the establishment boasts a resident beer drinking pig and has featured in a segment of the TV travel show “Getaway”.  Actually, as regards 5 km runs, Terryl was one of those who maintained that officers should never run as it was likely to panic the troops.  If you’re visiting Tassie, be sure to look him up.

If any members are able to provide snippets for this “Where are they now?” feature, the editor would be much obliged.





This annual activity continues to be a highly successful social function for the Association


Association members and their partners and guests are to RV in the Standfast Club, the soldiers’ club at the Regiment’s St Lucia depot, for an evening of good cheer with old comrades and new acquaintances from amongst the membership and those currently serving in QUR.


General Outline:            The activity is to be conducted in 5 phases:

    Phase 1            Concentration

    Phase 2            Drinks and fellowship – some current equipment will be available for inspection

    Phase 3            Barbecue meal (and maybe a few brief words of welcome and appreciation)

    Phase 4            More drinks and the exchanging of yarns (some lies are permissible)

    Phase 5            Departure


Groupings and Tasks                 Groupings will be fluid and the task is to have a good time.


Co-ordinating Instructions

H Hour                         1800 hours (no problem if you can’t arrive till a little later)

Dress                           Smart casual but don’t worry about being overdressed if it’s convenient to                                                    come straight from the office. 

Assembly Area             Ample parking is available in the depot grounds in Walcott Street.

Administration and Logistics

    Cost                 $15 per head (includes barbecue and most drinks) - $10 for current unit members.

    Payment           Send a cheque with your reply form or you can pay at the door.

    RSVP              11 March.  Please use the enclosed form or phone Peter Morton (see reply slip on back page)

    Drinks              A fruit punch & soft drinks will be available for those wishing to avoid alcohol.

    Rations             The unit Catering Section will be providing a gourmet barbecue.

Command and Signals

      Executive Committee HQ will be located adjacent to the bar.

      Name tags will be available showing the vintage of your QUR service.





 Right Arrow: Anne Marie McDermott, Gary Symons and Lesley Pyecroft at last year’s Back to the Regiment Night.








Bus Hrs




Jane Warrington

3292 7533

0409 727 121


Vice President

Trevor Luttrell

3422 8326

3345 2754


Immediate Past President

Paul Smith

3221 1275




Malcolm Heather

3227 6342

3256 2557


Assistant Secretary (2IC)

Richard Kluckhorn

0410 671 097




Andrew Luttrell

3225 8349

3217 7424


Membership Secretary

Peter Morton

3406 6820

3425 3060


Newsletter Editor

Garry Collins

3351 4044

3359 5993


Committee Members

Col Ahern

3896 9510

3278 1862



Garry Chandler

0412 643 850

3272 5303



Barry Schmidt

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3832 2800



Mal Try

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3870 0096



David Feeman

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David Ross







                        Reply Form for Back to the Regiment Night - Fri 21 Mar 03

QUR Association

c/- 2IC QUR

24 Walcott Street

St Lucia Qld 4067


Name: _______________________________________________________________________________


Please try to reply by Tue 11 Mar 03

Period of Service in QUR       From: ____________ to ______________ (eg 1965-1968)


Yes I will be attending!  The number of people in my party will be: _____________________


My cheque (payable to QUR Association) for $ ___________ is enclosed.

(Cost is $15 per head which includes barbecue and most drinks - $10 for current unit members)


If you don’t get around to returning this form by 11 March please let Peter Morton know that you’ll be coming.

Phone: 3406 6820 (work), 3425 3060 (home); e-mail: peter_morton@health.qld.gov.au